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The average area for zip codes in Luxembourg is 0.574 km² with the largest being 9780 in Wincrange, District de Diekirch at 108 km² and the smallest being 1460 in Luxembourg, District de Luxembourg at 47 m². In Luxembourg the average population for a postal code is 324 with the most populated being zip code 1313 in Luxembourg, District de Luxembourg at 11,166. The fastest growing postal code is 1710 in Luxembourg, District de Luxembourg with population growth of 234.3% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 8.4% per year.

TimezoneCentral European Time
Area286.4 km²
Population Density1,737 / km²
Postal Codes1019, 1110, 1111 (4,312 more)
Businesses in Luxembourg50,928

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
1019 - 9184Luxembourg District3,180
5401 - 5741, 6101 - 6956Grevenmacher District541
8506 - 9999Diekirch District590

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4,315 Postal Codes in Luxembourg

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
1019Strassen, LuxembourgLuxembourg District
1110Findel, LuxembourgLuxembourg District5960,024 m²
1111Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District21625,933 m²
1112Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District29594,588 m²
1113Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District36877,650 m²
1114Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District75712,266 m²
1115Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District4350.324 km²
1116Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District1,54339,925 m²
1117Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District1,42019,655 m²
1118Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District15511,729 m²
1119Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District1539,506 m²
1120Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District1292,264 m²
1121Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District17430,024 m²
1122Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District1,95970,339 m²
1123Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District60220,566 m²
1124Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District13929,270 m²
1125Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District3882,057 m²
1126Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District1,2176,072 m²
1127Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District4137,716 m²
1128Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District1,14558,424 m²
1129Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District2190.41 km²
1130Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District2,90743,463 m²
1131Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District4730,249 m²
1132Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District6676,480 m²
1133Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District1,06613,458 m²
1134Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District1,03714,814 m²
1135Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District40530,697 m²
1136Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District3085,995 m²
1137HowaldLuxembourg District48716,877 m²
1138Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District7938,892 m²
1139Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District2810.486 km²
1140Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District1,16678,712 m²
1141Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District1530.339 km²
1142Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District376
1143Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District1,22028,676 m²
1144Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District17711,179 m²
1145Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District2160.115 km²
1146Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District32828,959 m²
1147Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District26845,287 m²
1148Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District58213,587 m²
1149Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District1210.286 km²
1150Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District8290.192 km²
1151Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District76620,905 m²
1152Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District66126,863 m²
1153Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District
1159Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District642,612 m²
1160Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District44624,888 m²
1161Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District91755,984 m²
1208Luxembourg CityLuxembourg District3131,669 m²
1209Senningerberg4223,908 m²
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