5 Postal Codes in Bettange-sur-Mess

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Postal Codes4970, 4971, 4975 (2 more)
Businesses in Bettange-sur-Mess, Luxembourg District46

5 Postal Codes in Bettange-sur-Mess, Luxembourg District

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
4970Bettange-sur-MessLuxembourg District2070.255 km²
4971Bettange-sur-MessLuxembourg District53
4975Bettange-sur-MessLuxembourg District369
4976Bettange-sur-MessLuxembourg District214
4977Bettange-sur-MessLuxembourg District1277,394 m²


Bettange-sur-Mess (Luxembourgish: Betten op der Mess) is a small village in the commune of Dippach, in south-western Luxembourg. As of 2005, the town has a population of 974. is situated on the Mess River, from which its suffix is derived.   ︎  Bettange-sur-Mess Wikipedia Page