57 Postal Codes in Wiltz

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area3.42 km²
Population4,783 (More Details)
Male Population2,424 (50.7%)
Female Population2,359 (49.3%)
Median Age36.4
Postal Codes9501, 9502, 9510 (54 more)

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57 Postal Codes in Wiltz, Diekirch District

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
9501WiltzDiekirch District
9502WiltzDiekirch District
9510WiltzDiekirch District4449,267 m²
9511WiltzDiekirch District16060,346 m²
9512WiltzDiekirch District88
9513WiltzDiekirch District384
9514WiltzDiekirch District820.179 km²
9515WiltzDiekirch District65
9516WiltzDiekirch District80
9517WeidingenDiekirch District158
9518WeidingenDiekirch District221
9519WiltzDiekirch District1240.452 km²
9520WiltzDiekirch District
9521WiltzDiekirch District185
9522WiltzDiekirch District1301,571 m²
9523WiltzDiekirch District2192,643 m²
9530WiltzDiekirch District8731,610 m²
9531WiltzDiekirch District2425,867 m²
9532WiltzDiekirch District88
9533WiltzDiekirch District236
9534WiltzDiekirch District474
9535WeidingenDiekirch District241
9536WiltzDiekirch District100
9537WiltzDiekirch District240
9538WiltzDiekirch District56
9539WiltzDiekirch District119
9540WiltzDiekirch District118
9541WiltzDiekirch District13669,297 m²
9542WiltzDiekirch District227
9543WiltzDiekirch District17
9544WiltzDiekirch District199
9545WiltzDiekirch District10113,060 m²
9549WiltzDiekirch District
9550WiltzDiekirch District254
9551WiltzDiekirch District11057,842 m²
9552WiltzDiekirch District368
9553WeidingenDiekirch District66
9554WiltzDiekirch District128
9555WiltzDiekirch District726
9556WiltzDiekirch District196
9557WiltzDiekirch District2265,026 m²
9558WiltzDiekirch District99
9559WiltzDiekirch District330
9560WiltzDiekirch District176
9565WiltzDiekirch District
9570WiltzDiekirch District4145,581 m²
9571WiltzDiekirch District376
9572WeidingenDiekirch District315
9573WiltzDiekirch District1,282
9574WiltzDiekirch District6736,078 m²
9575WiltzDiekirch District226
9576WeidingenDiekirch District13691,978 m²
9577WiltzDiekirch District10981,290 m²
9578WiltzDiekirch District
9579WeidingenDiekirch District
9674WiltzDiekirch District2510.911 km²
9696WiltzDiekirch District548

Wiltz, Diekirch District Demographic Information

Population Density1,398 / km²
Male Population2,424 (50.7%)
Female Population2,359 (49.3%)
Median Age36.4
Male Median Age35.5
Female Median Age37.4
Businesses in Wiltz, Diekirch District466
Population (1975)4,198
Population (2000)4,217
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +13.9%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +13.4%


Wiltz (Luxembourgish: Wolz) is a commune with city status in north-western Luxembourg, capital of the canton Wiltz. Wiltz is situated on the banks of the river Wiltz. It was also a battleground in the Battle of the Bulge, near the end of World War II..  ︎  Wiltz Wikipedia Page