Postal Code 01000

Kangar | Malaysia

Kangar is the state capital of Perlis, Malaysia. It has a population of 48,898 and an area of 2,619.4 ha. It is located in the northernmost point of Peninsular Malaysia and is situated by the Perlis River. The center of Kangar is Sena Province, which..
01000 Detailed Information
City:KangarTimezone:Malaysia Time
Local Time:Thursday 12:26 AMLat & Lng:6.4312° / 100.2056°
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10, Jalan Sena Indah 3, Kangar · Kangar
101, Jalan Raja Syed Alwi, Kangar · Kangar
Kangar · Kangar
6, Jalan Dahlia, Taman Ira, Kangar · Kangar
49, Jalan Kangar - Alor Setar, Kangar · Kangar
JKR 126, Jalan Jubli Perak, 01000, Kangar, Perlis, Kangar · Kangar

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City NamePostal CodesAdministrative RegionCountryPopulation
Kangar01000, 0100701009PerlisMalaysia48,898 (2005)
Alor Redeh01000Malaysia
Alor Tok Terang01000Malaysia
Bohor Gelam01000Malaysia
Jalan Abi Tok Hashim01000Malaysia
Jalan Alor Sena01000Malaysia
Jalan Arau01000Malaysia
Jalan Besar Kangar01000Malaysia
Jalan Bohor Guncar01000Malaysia
Jalan Bukit Meranti01000Malaysia
Jalan Home Guard01000Malaysia
Jalan Hospital01000Malaysia
Jalan Jubli Perak01000Malaysia
Jalan Kaki Bukit (Batu 4 1/2)01000Malaysia
Jalan Kampong Wan Abdullah01000Malaysia
Jalan Kangar01000Malaysia
Jalan Kurung Batang01000Malaysia
Jalan Medan Kangar01000Malaysia
Jalan Padang Bohor01000Malaysia
Jalan Panglima01000Malaysia
Jalan Pegawai01000Malaysia
Jalan Penjara01000Malaysia
Jalan Raja Muda01000Malaysia
Jalan Raja Syed Alwi01000Malaysia
Jalan Raja Syed Saffi01000Malaysia
Jalan Santan (Km 5)01000Malaysia
Jalan Syed Omar01000Malaysia
Jalan Taman Bunga Padi01000Malaysia
Jalan Teluk Kacang01000Malaysia
Jalan Tun Razak01000Malaysia
Kampong Abi Batas Paip01000Malaysia
Kampong Abi Padang MacHang01000Malaysia
Kampong Abi Tok Hashim01000Malaysia
Kampong Alor Ara01000Malaysia
Kampong Alor Dalam01000Malaysia
Kampong Alor Kabong01000Malaysia
Kampong Alor Lanchang01000Malaysia
Kampong Alor Marus01000Malaysia
Kampong Alor Redeh01000Malaysia
Kampong Alor Sena01000Malaysia
Kampong Aman01000Malaysia
Kampong Asam 601000Malaysia
Kampong Aur01000Malaysia
Kampong Bakau01000Malaysia
Kampong Bakong (Jejawi)01000Malaysia
Kampong Baru01000Malaysia
Kampong Baru Santan01000Malaysia
Kampong Batu 3.5 (Jalan Kaki Bukit)01000Malaysia
Kampong Batu Pahat01000Malaysia
Kampong Behor Cicar01000Malaysia
Kampong Behor Empiang01000Malaysia
Kampong Behor Inai01000Malaysia
Kampong Behor Janggus01000Malaysia
Kampong Behor Kebal01000Malaysia
Kampong Behor Pulai01000Malaysia
Kampong Behor Temak01000Malaysia
Kampong Belangga Pudak01000Malaysia
Kampong Belat Santan01000Malaysia
Kampong Belukar (Kangar)01000Malaysia
Kampong Bendang Baru01000Malaysia
Kampong Bintong01000Malaysia
Kampong Bohor Gandil01000Malaysia
Kampong Bohor Gelam01000Malaysia
Kampong Bohor Goncar01000Malaysia
Kampong Bohor Inai01000Malaysia
Kampong Bohor Temak01000Malaysia
Kampong Bukit Besi Hangit01000Malaysia
Kampong Bunga Pudak01000Malaysia
Kampong Dagang01000Malaysia
Kampong Dasri01000Malaysia
Kampong Datuk01000Malaysia
Kampong Guar Syed Alwi01000Malaysia
Kampong Guar Ujung Batu01000Malaysia
Kampong Gunong01000Malaysia
Kampong Guru01000Malaysia
Kampong Haji Daud01000Malaysia
Kampong Hutan Buluh01000Malaysia
Kampong Jejawi Dalam01000Malaysia
Kampong Jejawi Sematang01000Malaysia
Kampong Keranji01000Malaysia
Kampong Kota01000Malaysia
Kampong Kota Ulu01000Malaysia
Kampong Kubang Arang01000Malaysia
Kampong Kubang Cekuang01000Malaysia
Kampong Kurung Batang01000Malaysia
Kampong Lin01000Malaysia
Kampong Masjid (Kangar)01000Malaysia
Kampong Nyak Adam01000Malaysia
Kampong Padang Behor01000Malaysia
Kampong Padang Jawa Seriab01000Malaysia
Kampong Padang Kedepiang01000Malaysia
Kampong Padang Nyaring01000Malaysia
Kampong Padang Petani01000Malaysia
Kampong Panggau01000Malaysia
Kampong Parit Jari01000Malaysia
Kampong Penghulu Bakar01000Malaysia
Kampong Pengkalan Asam01000Malaysia
Kampong Peseri01000Malaysia
Kampong Petai01000Malaysia
Kampong Pulau01000Malaysia
Kampong Repoh01000Malaysia
Kampong Repoh Dagang01000Malaysia
Kampong Salang01000Malaysia
Kampong Santan01000Malaysia
Kampong Santan Aur01000Malaysia
Kampong Santan Belat01000Malaysia
Kampong Santan Enam01000Malaysia
Kampong Santan Masjid01000Malaysia
Kampong Sempering01000Malaysia
Kampong Sena Sematang01000Malaysia
Kampong Sentang01000Malaysia
Kampong Sentua01000Malaysia
Kampong Seriab01000Malaysia
Kampong Sungai Bakong01000Malaysia
Kampong Sungai Baru01000Malaysia
Kampong Sungai Siran01000Malaysia
Kampong Surau01000Malaysia
Kampong Syed Umar01000Malaysia
Kampong Tanjung Buluh01000Malaysia
Kampong Tanjung Gorah01000Malaysia
Kampong Telaga Idi01000Malaysia
Kampong Telaga Nyiur Manis01000Malaysia
Kampong Telok Epa01000Malaysia
Kampong Telok Jambu01000Malaysia
Kampong Telok Kacang01000Malaysia
Kampong Telok Tui01000Malaysia
Kampong Temak01000Malaysia
Kampong Tengah Abi01000Malaysia
Kampong Tok Dewa01000Malaysia
Kampong Tok Gong01000Malaysia
Kampong Tok Jawa01000Malaysia
Kampong Tok Jepun01000Malaysia
Kampong Tok Kandang01000Malaysia
Kampong Tok Kembong01000Malaysia
Kampong Tok Larak01000Malaysia
Kampong Tok Peduka01000Malaysia
Kampong Tok Pong01000Malaysia
Kampong Tok Sumbing01000Malaysia
Kampong Ujung Bukit01000Malaysia
Kampong Utan Aji01000Malaysia
Kampong Utan Temak01000Malaysia
Kampong Wang Belimbing01000Malaysia
Kampong Wang Ulu01000Malaysia
Kubang Arang01000Malaysia
Lorong Haji Seman01000Malaysia
Lorong Kampong Sena01000Malaysia
Lorong Nisam01000Malaysia
Lorong Sekolah01000Malaysia
Lukuk Gajah01000Malaysia
Mengkuang Layar01000Malaysia
Padang Bohor01000Malaysia
Pengkalan Asam01000Malaysia
Perumahan Awam Bohor Lateh01000Malaysia
Perumahan Awam Santan01000Malaysia
Sena Rendang01000Malaysia
Taman Aman01000Malaysia
Taman Bakau Emas01000Malaysia
Taman Bintong Maju01000Malaysia
Taman Bintong Setia01000Malaysia
Taman Bukit Kaya01000Malaysia
Taman Bukit Kayangan01000Malaysia
Taman Bumita01000Malaysia
Taman Bunga Kemboja RPA01000Malaysia
Taman Bunga Raya01000Malaysia
Taman Cahaya01000Malaysia
Taman Cergas01000Malaysia
Taman Ceria01000Malaysia
Taman Choo Kee01000Malaysia
Taman Datuk Jaafar Hassan01000Malaysia
Taman Datuk Setia01000Malaysia
Taman Desa Bintong01000Malaysia
Taman Desa Kayangan01000Malaysia
Taman Desa Pulai01000Malaysia
Taman Desa Sentua01000Malaysia
Taman Fauziah01000Malaysia
Taman Gembira01000Malaysia
Taman Guru Jaya01000Malaysia
Taman Hijrah01000Malaysia
Taman Idaman01000Malaysia
Taman Indera01000Malaysia
Taman Intan01000Malaysia
Taman Ira01000Malaysia
Taman Jali01000Malaysia
Taman Jarak01000Malaysia
Taman Jawi Matang01000Malaysia
Taman Jaya01000Malaysia
Taman Jejawi01000Malaysia
Taman Jelati01000Malaysia
Taman Kangar01000Malaysia
Taman Kastam01000Malaysia
Taman Kayangan Indah01000Malaysia
Taman Kechor Indah01000Malaysia
Taman Kechor Jaya01000Malaysia
Taman Kecor Indah01000Malaysia
Taman Kemajuan01000Malaysia
Taman Kenanga01000Malaysia
Taman Lewata01000Malaysia
Taman Lima Naleh01000Malaysia
Taman Mada Sepakat01000Malaysia
Taman Mas Muda01000Malaysia
Taman Mas Putra01000Malaysia
Taman Mas Ria01000Malaysia
Taman Medan Sepakat01000Malaysia
Taman Merpati01000Malaysia
Taman Mesra01000Malaysia
Taman Mesra Jejawi01000Malaysia
Taman Mewah01000Malaysia
Taman Muda Sepakat01000Malaysia
Taman Mutiara01000Malaysia
Taman Norma01000Malaysia
Taman Peduka01000Malaysia
Taman Pengkalan Assam01000Malaysia
Taman Perlis01000Malaysia
Taman Pertama01000Malaysia
Taman Pertiwi Indah01000Malaysia
Taman Pertiwi Seriab01000Malaysia
Taman Putera01000Malaysia
Taman Putra Putri01000Malaysia
Taman Rasa Sayang01000Malaysia
Taman Repoh01000Malaysia
Taman Repoh Indah01000Malaysia
Taman Repoh Jaya01000Malaysia
Taman Sena01000Malaysia
Taman Sena Indah01000Malaysia
Taman Sena Permai01000Malaysia
Taman Sentua01000Malaysia
Taman Sepadu01000Malaysia
Taman Sepadu 101000Malaysia
Taman Seri Bahagia01000Malaysia
Taman Seri Idaman01000Malaysia
Taman Seri Intan01000Malaysia
Taman Seri Manis01000Malaysia
Taman Seri Medan01000Malaysia
Taman Seri Murni01000Malaysia
Taman Seri Pilihan01000Malaysia
Taman Seri Puchong01000Malaysia
Taman Seri Pulai 401000Malaysia
Taman Setia Utama01000Malaysia
Taman Suriani01000Malaysia
Taman Syed Alwi01000Malaysia
Taman Ten01000Malaysia
Taman Teratai01000Malaysia
Taman Tok Peduka01000Malaysia
Taman Utama01000Malaysia
Taman Utama Indah01000Malaysia
Taman Utara01000Malaysia
Titi Midin01000Malaysia
Tok Peduka01000Malaysia

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