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Postal Code 96000, Malaysia - Map and Information

Primary CitySibu
Area Codes848432
NeighborhoodsKampung Nangka, Pekan Sibu, Teng Kung Suk 3
Local TimeMonday 3:58 AM
TimezoneAustralian Western Standard Time
Coordinates2.28789573113368° / 111.83205083717°
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Map of Postal Code 96000

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Area Codes

Percentage Area Codes used by businesses in 96000
 Area Code 84: 78.5%
 Area Code 16: 6.4%
 Other: 15.1%

Business Concentration in Postal Code 96000

96000 Business Heat Map


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 25.5%
 Restaurants: 12.9%
 Professional Services: 11.7%
 Industry: 8.5%
 Automotive: 7.8%
 Other: 33.6%

Business distribution by price for Postal Code 96000

 Inexpensive: 61.5%
 Moderate: 33.9%
 Expensive: 3.8%
 Very Expensive: 0.8%

Primary City

Sibu /ˈsibuː/ (simplified Chinese: 诗巫; traditional Chinese: 詩巫; pinyin: Shīwū) is an inland town at the central region of Sarawak and the capital of Sibu District in Sibu Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. It covers an area of 129.5 square kilometres (50.0..    Sibu Wikipedia Page