65 Postal Codes in Johor Bahru

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TimezoneMalaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Time
Area220 km²
Population965,018 (More Details)
Male Population509,200 (52.8%)
Female Population455,817 (47.2%)
Median Age26.8
Postal Codes79520, 79626, 79630 (62 more)
Area Codes7, 7231

65 Postal Codes in Johor Bahru

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
80000Johor BahruJohor802,489
80050Johor BahruJohor802,489
80100Johor BahruJohor802,489
80150Johor BahruJohor802,489
80200Johor BahruJohor802,489
80250Johor BahruJohor802,489
80300Johor BahruJohor802,489
80350Johor BahruJohor802,489
80400Johor BahruJohor802,489
80500Johor BahruJohor802,489
80506Johor BahruJohor802,489
80508Johor BahruJohor802,489
80516Johor BahruJohor802,489
80519Johor BahruJohor802,489
80534Johor BahruJohor802,489
80536Johor BahruJohor802,489
80542Johor BahruJohor802,489
80546Johor BahruJohor802,489
80558Johor BahruJohor802,489
80560Johor BahruJohor802,489
80564Johor BahruJohor802,489
80568Johor BahruJohor802,489
80578Johor BahruJohor802,489
80584Johor BahruJohor802,489
80586Johor BahruJohor802,489
80590Johor BahruJohor802,489
80592Johor BahruJohor802,489
80594Johor BahruJohor802,489
80596Johor BahruJohor802,489
80600Johor BahruJohor802,489
80604Johor BahruJohor802,489
80608Johor BahruJohor802,489
80620Johor BahruJohor802,489
80622Johor BahruJohor802,489
80628Johor BahruJohor802,489
80644Johor BahruJohor802,489
80648Johor BahruJohor802,489
80662Johor BahruJohor802,489
80664Johor BahruJohor802,489
80668Johor BahruJohor802,489
80670Johor BahruJohor802,489
80672Johor BahruJohor802,489
80673Johor BahruJohor802,489
80676Johor BahruJohor802,489
80700Johor BahruJohor802,489
80710Johor BahruJohor802,489
80720Johor BahruJohor802,489
80730Johor BahruJohor802,489
80900Johor BahruJohor802,489
80902Johor BahruJohor802,489
80904Johor BahruJohor802,489
80906Johor BahruJohor802,489
80908Johor BahruJohor802,489
80988Johor BahruJohor802,489
80990Johor BahruJohor802,489
81100Johor BahruJohor802,489
81200Johor BahruJohor802,489
81300Johor BahruJohor802,489
81310Johor BahruJohor802,489
81750Masai, JohorJohor
82100Tampoi, JohorJohor

Johor Bahru Demographic Information

Population Density4,386 / km²
Male Population509,200 (52.8%)
Female Population455,817 (47.2%)
Median Age26.8
Male Median Age26.8
Female Median Age26.7
Businesses in Johor Bahru58,032
Population (1975)221,281
Population (2000)622,915
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +336.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +54.9%

Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru (Malaysian pronunciation: [ˈjohorˈbahru], Jawi: جوهر بهرو‎, Chinese: 新山; pinyin: Xīnshān, Tamil: ஜொகூர் பாரு), formerly known as Tanjung Puteri or Iskandar Puteri, is the capital of the state of Johor, Malaysia. Johor Bahru has a populati..  ︎  Johor Bahru Wikipedia Page