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Postal Code 01029 - Xochimilco, Mexico City

Primary CityXochimilco
Area Codes525
Local TimeSunday 1:27 AM
TimezoneCentral Daylight Time
Coordinates19.262° / -99.1387°
Related Postal Codes010000101001020010300104001048

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/16/198:59 PM3.120.2 km10,000 m2km NW of Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, Mexicousgs.gov
7/14/0710:59 PM3.544.3 km6,000 mEstado de Mexico, Mexicousgs.gov
5/30/071:42 PM414.7 km14,900 mDistrito Federal, Mexicousgs.gov
1/25/076:38 AM3.710.1 km32,100 mDistrito Federal, Mexicousgs.gov
5/5/068:24 AM3.522 km1,000 mDistrito Federal, Mexicousgs.gov
2/28/063:58 PM3.413.1 km2,000 mDistrito Federal, Mexicousgs.gov
10/16/057:35 AM3.27.9 km16,600 mDistrito Federal, Mexicousgs.gov
10/16/057:12 AM3.67.4 km13,000 mDistrito Federal, Mexicousgs.gov
6/22/059:01 PM3.728.7 km1,400 mEstado de Mexico, Mexicousgs.gov
6/21/054:24 AM3.533.6 km1,300 mEstado de Mexico, Mexicousgs.gov

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Primary City

Xochimilco (Spanish pronunciation: [sotʃiˈmilko]) is one of the 16 delegaciones or boroughs within Mexican Federal District. The borough is centered on the formerly independent city of Xochimilco, which was established on what was the southern shore ..  ︎  Xochimilco Wikipedia Page