Postal Code 56625

Chalco de Díaz Covarrubias | Mexico

Chalco de Díaz Covarrubias (/ɕaɫko/ sh-al-ko) is a city that is municipal seat of the surrounding municipality of Chalco. It lies in the eastern part of the State of Mexico just east of the Federal District of Mexico and is considered part of the Mex..
56625 Detailed Information
Primary City:Chalco de Díaz CovarrubiasAssociated Cities:Miraflores |  Chiautzingo Municipality
Neighborhoods:San Lorenzo Chimalpa, San Martin Xico Nuevo, San Mateo HuitzilzingoTimezone:Central Daylight Time
Local Time:Saturday 1:26 PMLat & Lng:19.23114° / -98.92271°
Area Codes346Related Postal Codes:566175661856619566205662356624

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Avenida Isidro Fabela SN · State of Mexico
Hidalgo, San Martin Xico Nuevo, 56625 San Mateo Huitzilzingo, Méx., Mexico · State of Mexico
Emiliano Zapata, San Lorenzo Chimalpa, 56625 San Mateo Huitzilzingo, Méx., Mexico · Mexico City
Alvaro Obregón 55 · Chalco de Díaz Covarrubias
+52 55 2236 6944
Unión 3, San Mateo Huitzizingo, 56625 Chalco de Díaz Covarrubias, Méx., Mexico · Chalco de Díaz Covarrubias
Vicente Guerrero, San Lorenzo Chimalpa, 56625 San Mateo Huitzilzingo, Méx., Mexico · State of Mexico

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Other Places for Postal Code 56625

City NamePostal CodesAdministrative RegionCountryPopulation
Chalco de Díaz Covarrubias566005660456605State of MexicoMexico310,130 (2010)
Miraflores5574856226, 56625State of MexicoMexico10,057
Chiautzingo Municipality56625, 5670474150PueblaMexico7,176
Independencia Chimalpa56625State of MexicoMexico
San Martin Xico Nuevo56625State of MexicoMexico

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