73 Postal Codes in Benito Juárez, Mexico City

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TimezoneCentral Time
Area26.6 km²
Population429,816 (More Details)
Male Population196,681 (45.8%)
Female Population233,135 (54.2%)
Median Age37.1
Postal Codes01567, 03000, 03010 (70 more)

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73 Postal Codes in Benito Juárez, Mexico City

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
01567Mexico City
03000Mexico CityMexico City2,4450.291 km²
03010Mexico City7,1890.103 km²
03020Mexico CityMexico City24,7661.584 km²
03023Mexico CityMexico City34,5201.592 km²
03100Mexico CityMexico City27,0211.978 km²
03103Mexico CityMexico City22,1801.419 km²
03104Mexico CityMexico City27,8521.588 km²
03130Mexico City
03200Mexico City7,3070.498 km²
03210Mexico CityMexico City
03220Mexico CityMexico City
03230Mexico CityMexico City1,8390.21 km²
03240Mexico City5,4860.333 km²
03300PortalesMexico City18,3851.019 km²
03303Mexico CityMexico City22,3671.237 km²
03310Mexico City9,8820.979 km²
03320Mexico City2,0070.129 km²
03330Mexico CityMexico City4,9930.586 km²
03339Mexico CityMexico City
03340Mexico City7,5070.544 km²
03400Mexico CityMexico City20,9591.104 km²
03410Mexico City4,4620.255 km²
03420Mexico City2,09673,802 m²
03430Mexico City7,61473,056 m²
03440Mexico CityMexico City7,9310.356 km²
03500Colonia NativitasMexico City8,5790.565 km²
03510Mexico City7,7380.556 km²
03520Mexico City5,1160.185 km²
03530Mexico CityMexico City2,6400.181 km²
03540Mexico City3,5280.151 km²
03550Mexico City3,1900.122 km²
03560Mexico CityMexico City4,5830.165 km²
03570PortalesMexico City4,3260.306 km²
03580Mexico City1,0530.139 km²
03590Mexico CityMexico City2,3560.122 km²
03600Mexico City8,6680.458 km²
03610Mexico City4,4600.234 km²
03620Mexico CityMexico City1,36495,197 m²
03630Mexico CityMexico City11,5290.415 km²
03640Mexico CityMexico City1,41435,715 m²
03650Mexico City10,2740.688 km²
03660Mexico CityMexico City11,2640.595 km²
03700Mexico CityMexico City8,7140.566 km²
03710Mexico CityMexico City5,3950.383 km²
03720Mexico City1,4830.142 km²
03730Mexico City4,3740.303 km²
03740Mexico City2,1020.229 km²
03800Mexico City12,2510.929 km²
03810Mexico CityMexico City15,7370.91 km²
03812Mexico CityMexico City
03819Mexico City
03820Mexico City2,7940.122 km²
03840Mexico CityMexico City3,4890.271 km²
03900Mexico City7,0090.686 km²
03901Mexico City
03910Col. MixcoacMexico City6,9550.41 km²
03920Col. MixcoacMexico City4,9530.523 km²
03930Mexico City5680.109 km²
03940Mexico City1,1550.155 km²
11239Mexico CityMexico City
14017Mexico City
14038Mexico City
14307Mexico City
14327Mexico City
14328Mexico City
14329Mexico City
14338Mexico CityMexico City
15299Mexico City
15720Mexico City
15909Mexico City
15968Mexico City
35003Mexico City

Benito Juárez, Mexico City Demographic Information

Population Density16,146 / km²
Male Population196,681 (45.8%)
Female Population233,135 (54.2%)
Median Age37.1
Male Median Age35.3
Female Median Age38.6
Businesses in Benito Juárez, Mexico City14,677
Population (1975)186,662
Population (2000)351,533
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +130.3%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +22.3%

Benito Juárez, Mexico City

Benito Juárez ( beˈnitoˈxwares ), is one of the 16 delegaciones (boroughs) into which Mexico's Federal District is divided. It is a largely residential area, located to the south of historic center of Mexico City, although there are pressures for are..  ︎  Benito Juárez, Mexico City Wikipedia Page