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TimezoneCentral Time
Area117 km²
Population1.9 million (More Details)
Male Population902,498 (48.5%)
Female Population957,748 (51.5%)
Median Age29
Postal Codes08720, 09000, 09010 (139 more)

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142 Postal Codes in Iztapalapa, Mexico City

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
08720IztapalapaMexico City9,0510.296 km²
09000Mexico CityMexico City50,3152.918 km²
09010Mexico City5,6540.268 km²
09020Mexico City5,2820.549 km²
09030ChurubuscoMexico City7,6700.594 km²
09040ChurubuscoMexico City4,2143.408 km²
09060Mexico City19,2621.326 km²
09070Mexico City8,2670.849 km²
09080Mexico City4,2020.195 km²
09081IztapalapaMexico City
09089Mexico City7,1350.56 km²
09090ChurubuscoMexico City3,4690.331 km²
09099Mexico City4,7690.264 km²
09100Mexico City30,6241.575 km²
09110Mexico City
09130Mexico City4,5840.325 km²
09140Santa MarthaState of Mexico43,0712.505 km²
09150Mexico City
09160Valle de ChalcoState of Mexico
09170Mexico City
09180Mexico City27,6081.363 km²
09200IztapalapaMexico City35,3121.711 km²
09201Mexico CityMexico City
09208Mexico City66,1885.1 km²
09209Mexico City11,5180.686 km²
09210Mexico City17,8200.989 km²
09219IztapalapaMexico City
09220Mexico City15,3980.87 km²
09225Mexico CityMexico City
09227Mexico City
09229Mexico City
09230Mexico City29,6881.619 km²
09239Mexico City17,4290.67 km²
09240IztapalapaMexico City17,0310.575 km²
09249Mexico CityMexico City
09250IztapalapaMexico City5,77948,206 m²
09260IztapalapaMexico City17,8771.02 km²
09270IztapalapaMexico City5,1440.32 km²
09280IztapalapaMexico City3,7150.451 km²
09290IztapalapaMexico City27,6592.857 km²
09300Mexico City17,0701.352 km²
09310Mexico City41,0872.869 km²
09319Mexico City5,0830.208 km²
09320IztapalapaMexico City1,3170.106 km²
09330Mexico City
09340Mexico CityMexico City
09350Mexico City6,83544,981 m²
09359IztapalapaMexico City1,20669,076 m²
09360Mexico City20,5821.53 km²
09366Mexico City
09368Mexico City
09400Cuauhtémoc, Mexico CityMexico City12,6050.773 km²
09410Mexico City21,5261.079 km²
09420Mexico City7,7170.28 km²
09429Mexico City1,4240.112 km²
09430Mexico City14,2500.662 km²
09438Mexico City4,1810.22 km²
09440Mexico City28,4571.504 km²
09450Mexico City4,6710.271 km²
09460Mexico City9240.149 km²
09470Mexico City3,1780.221 km²
09479Mexico City2,5730.299 km²
09480Mexico City1,8460.221 km²
09500Mexico CityMexico City19,1421.342 km²
09510Santa MarthaState of Mexico17,5611.473 km²
09520Mexico City9,0390.566 km²
09530Santa MarthaState of Mexico18,5141.598 km²
09550Mexico City2,6730.205 km²
09560Mexico City11,0920.487 km²
09570Mexico CityMexico City26,0572.527 km²
09577Mexico City
09578Mexico City17,8410.754 km²
09600Mexico City8,2820.455 km²
09608Mexico City7,0380.3 km²
09609Mexico City23,9230.947 km²
09620Mexico City14,6220.786 km²
09630Mexico City58,2203.74 km²
09638Mexico City7,3890.637 km²
09640Mexico City59,0493.339 km²
09648Mexico CityMexico City1,9390.138 km²
09660IztapalapaMexico City10,7630.473 km²
09670IztapalapaMexico City14,5420.516 km²
09680Mexico City17,4680.669 km²
09685Mexico CityMexico City
09689IztapalapaMexico City5,4330.524 km²
09690TlahuacMexico City20,1440.587 km²
09696Mexico City8,4491.088 km²
09698Mexico City18,6370.557 km²
09700IztapalapaMexico City122,0154.941 km²
09704IztapalapaMexico City16,09973,925 m²
09705IztapalapaMexico City13,2530.723 km²
09706IztapalapaMexico City13,8390.117 km²
09708IztapalapaMexico City5,9240.206 km²
09709IztapalapaMexico City5,4590.186 km²
09710Álvaro Obregón, Mexico CityMexico City3,3610.151 km²
09720IztapalapaMexico City17,5120.886 km²
09730IztapalapaMexico City20,5610.922 km²
09740IztapalapaMexico City17,3110.549 km²
09750IztapalapaMexico City29,4921.157 km²
09760IztapalapaMexico City31,2251.05 km²
09769IztapalapaMexico City1,76681,905 m²
09770IztapalapaMexico City8,4940.316 km²
09780IztapalapaMexico City42,5761.707 km²
09790IztapalapaMexico City18,5872.273 km²
09800Mexico City46,8712.456 km²
09809Mexico CityMexico City
09810Mexico City7,0251.014 km²
09819Mexico City5,6810.416 km²
09820Mexico City15,0451.074 km²
09828Mexico City2,1720.157 km²
09829Mexico City3,4100.291 km²
09830IztapalapaMexico City37,7342.032 km²
09836TlahuacMexico City
09837Mexico City1,9960.232 km²
09838Mexico City3,4760.159 km²
09839IztapalapaMexico City4,3890.342 km²
09840Mexico City7,8210.374 km²
09849TlahuacMexico City6,4110.436 km²
09850Mexico City44,3423.051 km²
09856Mexico City2,18978,480 m²
09857IztapalapaMexico City
09858Mexico City8,2100.36 km²
09859IztapalapaMexico City1,65358,136 m²
09860IztapalapaMexico City42,4923.872 km²
09868IztapalapaMexico City1,6000.151 km²
09870Mexico City17,0360.924 km²
09880IztapalapaMexico City25,9052.013 km²
09885Mexico CityMexico City
09890IztapalapaMexico City16,5411.221 km²
09897IztapalapaMexico City3,6500.178 km²
09898Mexico CityMexico City
09900IztapalapaMexico City23,1511.179 km²
09910IztapalapaMexico City10,6070.588 km²
09919Mexico CityMexico City
09920IztapalapaMexico City19,7610.694 km²
09930IztapalapaMexico City3,5210.365 km²
09940IztapalapaMexico City6,8260.299 km²
09960IztapalapaMexico City34,0831.315 km²
09969IztapalapaMexico City2,80979,178 m²
09970IztapalapaMexico City14,9950.716 km²
13119Mexico City4,71666,755 m²
77780Mexico City

Iztapalapa, Mexico City Demographic Information

Population1.9 million
Population Density15,899 / km²
Male Population902,498 (48.5%)
Female Population957,748 (51.5%)
Median Age29
Male Median Age27.9
Female Median Age30.1
Businesses in Iztapalapa, Mexico City7,457
Population (1975)1,594,716
Population (2000)1,963,387
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +16.7%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -5.3%


Iztapalapa is one of the Federal District of Mexico City’s 16 boroughs, located on the east side of the entity. The borough is named after and centered on the formerly independent municipality of Iztapalapa, which is officially called Iztapalapa de C..  ︎  Iztapalapa Wikipedia Page