46 Postal Codes in Los Mochis

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TimezoneMexican Pacific Time
Area53.8 km²
Population281,626 (More Details)
Male Population136,222 (48.4%)
Female Population145,404 (51.6%)
Median Age27.8
Postal Codes81200, 81210, 81215 (43 more)
Area Codes346, 499, 999 (2 more)

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46 Postal Codes in Los Mochis, Sinaloa

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
81200Los MochisSinaloa10,0782.547 km²
81210Los MochisSinaloa1,9191.153 km²
81215Los MochisSinaloa4500.16 km²
81216Los MochisSinaloa1,2471.004 km²
81217Los MochisSinaloa1,5691.33 km²
81218Los MochisSinaloa25836,780 m²
81220Los MochisSinaloa2,6440.897 km²
81223Los MochisSinaloa3,5571.319 km²
81224Los MochisSinaloa2,7311.164 km²
81225Los MochisSinaloa6430.115 km²
81226Los MochisSinaloa31888,116 m²
81227Los MochisSinaloa1,0710.16 km²
81228Los MochisSinaloa8,0971.473 km²
81229Los MochisSinaloa6,2790.709 km²
81230Los MochisSinaloa5,6550.694 km²
81233Los MochisSinaloa16,9482.192 km²
81234Los MochisSinaloa9,1391.081 km²
81235Los MochisSinaloa1,5520.282 km²
81236Los MochisSinaloa3,3820.496 km²
81237Los MochisSinaloa4,2230.406 km²
81238Los MochisSinaloa3,7040.298 km²
81239Los MochisSinaloa
81240Los MochisSinaloa6,1601.072 km²
81245Los MochisSinaloa2,5120.942 km²
81247Los MochisSinaloa2,5380.266 km²
81248Los MochisSinaloa16,2853.309 km²
81249Los MochisSinaloa8,4381.509 km²
81250Los MochisSinaloa2,5710.316 km²
81256Los MochisSinaloa12,2681.071 km²
81257Los MochisSinaloa7,0500.698 km²
81259Los MochisSinaloa3,0400.41 km²
81260Los MochisSinaloa6,9761.406 km²
81263Los MochisSinaloa3,8540.461 km²
81265Los MochisSinaloa2,0921.335 km²
81270Los MochisSinaloa16,6143.419 km²
81277Los MochisSinaloa1,6470.283 km²
81278Los MochisSinaloa14,7785.3 km²
81280Los MochisSinaloa10,9122.359 km²
81285Los MochisSinaloa11,9532.015 km²
81289Los MochisSinaloa1,0190.883 km²
81290Los MochisSinaloa4,2811.13 km²
81294Los MochisSinaloa12,6863.002 km²
81295Los MochisSinaloa7,8730.862 km²
81363Los MochisSinaloa7,02431.8 km²
81369Los MochisSinaloa73729.6 km²

Los Mochis, Sinaloa Demographic Information

Population Density5,232 / km²
Male Population136,222 (48.4%)
Female Population145,404 (51.6%)
Median Age27.8
Male Median Age26.8
Female Median Age28.8
Businesses in Los Mochis, Sinaloa7,746
Population (1975)135,306
Population (2000)239,153
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +108.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +17.8%

Los Mochis

Los Mochis (Spanish pronunciation: [loz ˈmotʃis]) is a coastal city in northern Sinaloa, Mexico. It serves as the municipal seat of the municipality of Ahome. As of the 2010 census, the population was 256,613, which was 61 percent of the municipality..  ︎  Los Mochis Wikipedia Page