658 Postal Codes in Mexico City

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TimezoneCentral Time
Area1,485 km²
Population8.9 million (More Details)
Male Population4,252,260 (47.8%)
Female Population4,652,223 (52.2%)
Median Age31.6
Postal Codes01030, 01070, 01090 (655 more)

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658 Postal Codes in Mexico City

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
01030Álvaro Obregón, Mexico CityMexico City9,5421.42 km²
01070Mexico CityMexico City1,5240.406 km²
01090Mexico CityMexico City7,2401.047 km²
01100Mexico City1,97654,495 m²
01109Mexico City1,9510.107 km²
01120Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico CityMexico City10,2640.721 km²
01125Mexico City3,20120,587 m²
01130Mexico City18,6490.707 km²
01139Mexico City4,84220,646 m²
01140Mexico City14,4860.713 km²
01150Mexico CityMexico City12,9840.762 km²
01160Mexico City6,7520.36 km²
01170Mexico City96032,344 m²
01180Mexico City10,4110.761 km²
01184Mexico City
01209Mexico CityMexico City
01280Mexico City16,6910.631 km²
01289Mexico City2,73259,185 m²
01291Mexico CityMexico City
01297Mexico CityMexico City
01329Mexico CityMexico City
01357Mexico CityMexico City
01359Mexico CityMexico City
01388Mexico CityMexico City
01401Mexico CityMexico City
01419Álvaro Obregón, Mexico CityMexico City5,5520.221 km²
01420Mexico City7,9540.481 km²
01460Mexico City11,3520.447 km²
01470Mexico City10,6040.51 km²
01537Mexico City
01567Mexico City
01580Mexico CityMexico City
01690Mexico CityMexico City
01788Mexico City
01799Mexico CityMexico City
01900Mexico CityMexico City14,6425.8 km²
02000AzcapotzalcoMexico City6,5150.416 km²
02010Cuauhtémoc, Mexico CityMexico City7,9730.358 km²
02020AzcapotzalcoMexico City11,1780.86 km²
02040AzcapotzalcoMexico City2,9110.253 km²
02050AzcapotzalcoMexico City7,2460.419 km²
02060AzcapotzalcoMexico City7,3630.353 km²
02070AzcapotzalcoMexico City10,8070.757 km²
02080AzcapotzalcoMexico City12,1260.91 km²
02090AzcapotzalcoMexico City4,6210.358 km²
02099AzcapotzalcoMexico City2,7480.239 km²
02110Mexico CityMexico City
02125Mexico CityMexico City
02129AzcapotzalcoMexico City8,54675,310 m²
02140AzcapotzalcoMexico City2,3320.221 km²
02160AzcapotzalcoMexico City6,4410.379 km²
02169AzcapotzalcoMexico City
02200AzcapotzalcoMexico City7,1610.307 km²
02230AzcapotzalcoMexico City8,4311.246 km²
02240AzcapotzalcoMexico City8,6520.467 km²
02250AzcapotzalcoMexico City6,2430.264 km²
02300AzcapotzalcoMexico City5,6553.813 km²
02310AzcapotzalcoMexico City34854,478 m²
02320AzcapotzalcoMexico City3075,868 m²
02330AzcapotzalcoMexico City3681,888 m²
02340AzcapotzalcoMexico City1990.254 km²
02360AzcapotzalcoMexico City6420.298 km²
02460AzcapotzalcoMexico City3,1670.198 km²
02470AzcapotzalcoMexico City1,4150.136 km²
02480AzcapotzalcoMexico City2,5940.278 km²
02490AzcapotzalcoMexico City92487,095 m²
02500AzcapotzalcoMexico City6,6950.368 km²
02510AzcapotzalcoMexico City
02519AzcapotzalcoMexico City1,1070.235 km²
02520AzcapotzalcoMexico City7,9501.685 km²
02530AzcapotzalcoMexico City1,9300.235 km²
02540AzcapotzalcoMexico City
02600AzcapotzalcoMexico City12,5070.635 km²
02630AzcapotzalcoMexico City1,9480.526 km²
02640AzcapotzalcoMexico City1,35342,082 m²
02650AzcapotzalcoMexico City4,0580.161 km²
02660AzcapotzalcoMexico City7,0490.25 km²
02670AzcapotzalcoMexico City1,3670.128 km²
02680AzcapotzalcoMexico City1,21483,377 m²
02700AzcapotzalcoMexico City5,9560.466 km²
02720AzcapotzalcoMexico City10,4350.557 km²
02729AzcapotzalcoMexico City
02730AzcapotzalcoMexico City1,6670.25 km²
02760AzcapotzalcoMexico City4,5120.432 km²
02770AzcapotzalcoMexico City1,0370.119 km²
02780AzcapotzalcoMexico City2,9410.176 km²
02790AzcapotzalcoMexico City4,8010.231 km²
02800AzcapotzalcoMexico City13,5371.019 km²
02810AzcapotzalcoMexico City4,5310.287 km²
02820Mexico CityMexico City
02830AzcapotzalcoMexico City99187,216 m²
02840AzcapotzalcoMexico City5,1330.352 km²
02850AzcapotzalcoMexico City
02860AzcapotzalcoMexico City4,2530.311 km²
02870AzcapotzalcoMexico City2,6510.332 km²
02900AzcapotzalcoMexico City7,97793,431 m²
02910AzcapotzalcoMexico City3,1120.15 km²
02920AzcapotzalcoMexico City75267,090 m²
02930AzcapotzalcoMexico City9570.122 km²
02940AzcapotzalcoMexico City2,4360.16 km²
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Mexico City Demographic Information

Population8.9 million
Population Density5,996 / km²
Male Population4,252,260 (47.8%)
Female Population4,652,223 (52.2%)
Median Age31.6
Male Median Age30.2
Female Median Age32.9
Businesses in Mexico City348,634
Population (1975)6,895,429
Population (2000)8,977,820
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +29.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -0.8%

Mexico City

Mexico City (Spanish: Ciudad de México  audio  American Spanish: [sjuˈða(ð) ðe ˈméxiko]; abbreviated as "CDMX") is the capital of Mexico. Mexico City is the country's largest city as well as its most important political, cultural, educational and fin..  ︎  Mexico City Wikipedia Page