Fălești District
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49 Postal Codes in Fălești District

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area1,073 km²
Population91,798 (More Details)
Male Population44,920 (48.9%)
Female Population46,878 (51.1%)
Median Age33.3
Postal Codes3624, 5901, 5902 (46 more)
Area Codes259, 269

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
5901 - 5904Fălești4

49 Postal Codes in Fălești District

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
3624ŢîghiraFălești District
5901FăleștiFălești District14,377
5902FăleștiFălești District14,377
5903FăleștiFălești District14,377
5904FăleștiFălești District14,377
5911Albinețul VechiFălești District
5912BocaniFălești District
5913HînceştiFălești District
5914Socii NoiFălești District
5915CatranîcFălești District
5916CiulucFălești District
5918Ciolacu NouFălești District
5919Fălești District
5920DoltuFălești District
5921EgorovcaFălești District
5922ŞoltoaiaFălești District
5923Pietrosul NouFălești District
5924Glinjeni, FăleștiFălești District
5925Răuţelul NouFălești District
5926HitreştiFălești District
5927Fălești District
5928Fălești District
5929IlenuțaFălești District
5930IșcălăuFălești District
5931Izvoare, FăleștiFălești District
5932LogofteniFălești District
5933Fălești District
5934MoldoveancaFălești District
5935MusteațaFălești District
5936NatalievcaFălești District
5937NăvîrnețFălești District
5938Obreja NouăFălești District
5939Măgura NouăFălești District
5940Pînzărenii NoiFălești District
5941Pîrlița, FăleștiFălești District
5942PompaFălești District
5943Fălești District
5944Pruteni, FăleștiFălești District
5945RăuțelFălești District
5946RisipeniFălești District
5947Fălești District
5948Fălești District
5949Fălești District
5950TaxobeniFălești District
5951Fălești District
6214Coada IazuluiFălești District
6215Slobozia-MăguraFălești District
6241ȚambulaFălești District
7222Glinjeni, FăleștiFălești District

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Fălești District Demographic Information

Population Density85.6 / km²
Male Population44,920 (48.9%)
Female Population46,878 (51.1%)
Median Age33.3
Male Median Age31.7
Female Median Age34.8
Businesses in Fălești District74
Population (1975)75,762
Population (2000)91,815
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +21.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -0%

Fălești District

Fălești is a district (Romanian: raion) in the north of Moldova, with the administrative center at Fălești. As of January 1, 2011, its population was 92,600. borders Romania, in Western Moldova.   ︎  Fălești District Wikipedia Page