Florești District
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46 Postal Codes in Florești District

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area1,108 km²
Population95,732 (More Details)
Male Population46,662 (48.7%)
Female Population49,071 (51.3%)
Median Age34.6
Postal Codes3047, 5001, 5002 (43 more)
Area Code250

46 Postal Codes in Florești District

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
3047Rădulenii VechiFlorești District
5001Florești, MoldovaFlorești District16,759
5002Florești, MoldovaFlorești District16,759
5007Florești District
5008Florești District
5011Rădulenii VechiFlorești District
5012BăhrineștiFlorești District
5013CașuncaFlorești District
5014Florești District
5015Florești District
5016Florești District
5017Coșernița, FloreștiFlorești District
5018DomulgeniFlorești District
5019Florești District
5020Florești District
5021Florești District
5022GhindeştiFlorești District
5023Florești District
5024Florești District
5025Florești District
5028Florești District
5029Florești District
5030Florești District
5031SîrbeştiFlorești District
5032SîrbeştiFlorești District
5033Prodănești, FloreștiFlorești District
5035Florești District
5036RoșieticiFlorești District
5037Florești District
5038Florești District
5040Florești District
6242ŢipleştiFlorești District
6641CerlinaFlorești District
6642UnchiteştiFlorești District
6643Cuhureștii de JosFlorești District
6644CuniceaFlorești District
6645JapcaFlorești District
6646Florești District
6647NimereucaFlorești District
6648Florești District
6649Florești District
6650Tirgul-VertiujeniFlorești District
6651TipordeiFlorești District
6653VertiujeniFlorești District
6654ZăluceniFlorești District
7214CobîleaFlorești District

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Florești District Demographic Information

Population Density86.4 / km²
Male Population46,662 (48.7%)
Female Population49,071 (51.3%)
Median Age34.6
Male Median Age32.8
Female Median Age36.3
Businesses in Florești District105
Population (1975)50,616
Population (2000)81,717
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +89.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +17.2%

Florești District

Florești is a district (Moldovan: raion) in the north-east of Moldova, with the administrative center at Florești. The other major cities are Ghindeşti and Mărculeşti. As of 1 January 2011, its population was 90,000.   ︎  Florești District Wikipedia Page