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Postal Code 16034, Morocco - Map and Information

Primary CitySidi Kacem
Local TimeMonday 10:18 PM
Coordinates34.3° / -5.5°
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Magnitude 3.0 and greater
3/11/145:27 AM4.655.2 km10,040 m18km SSW of Bouarouss, Moroccousgs.gov
2/17/124:28 PM4.212.9 km10,000 mMoroccousgs.gov
4/14/108:21 AM4.146 km15,600 mMoroccousgs.gov
1/21/108:57 AM4.562.1 km10,000 mMoroccousgs.gov
8/3/086:03 AM3.927.8 kmNoneMoroccousgs.gov
2/18/087:10 AM3.724.1 km10,000 mMoroccousgs.gov
9/3/077:56 PM3.550.6 km10,000 mMoroccousgs.gov
7/10/072:17 PM3.146.9 kmNoneMoroccousgs.gov
7/10/0711:34 AM3.640.6 kmNoneMoroccousgs.gov
6/23/074:05 AM4.417.8 km5,600 mMoroccousgs.gov

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Primary City

Sidi Kacem (Arabic: سيدي قاسم‎) is a city in Morocco. It is located at around 34°13′0″N 5°42′0″W. During the French period, it was called Petitjean, after a French captain who was killed in May 1911 during the "pacification" of Morocco. Oil drilling ..    Sidi Kacem Wikipedia Page