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Postal Code 62004 - Nador, Oriental (Morocco)

Primary CityNador
Area Codes5325363
Local TimeTuesday 11:07 PM
Coordinates35.16709° / -2.91671°
Related Postal Codes620006200262003620056201062012

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Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/31/1410:14 AM4.119.2 km7,500 m8km SSW of Selouane, Moroccousgs.gov
10/1/061:44 AM3.516.2 km10,200 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
9/18/069:26 PM3.420.9 km10,200 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
7/28/068:40 PM3.119.7 km23,500 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
8/21/057:41 PM3.222.7 km3,500 mMoroccousgs.gov
6/21/0510:00 PM3.515.7 km17,700 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
6/10/0511:04 PM3.619.1 kmNoneStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
4/10/0511:46 AM3.318.4 km10,400 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
4/2/054:49 AM3.519.9 km9,800 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
3/22/056:55 PM3.620.3 km9,300 mMoroccousgs.gov

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Primary City

Nador (Berber: Ennaḍor, ⴻⵏⵏⴰⴹⵓⵔ; Arabic: الناظور) is a city located in the northeastern Rif region of Morocco, situated on the salt lagoon of Sebkha Bou Areq. The city is a Mediterranean port on the Bḥar Ameẓẓyan lagoon (Mar Chica in Spanish), and it..  ︎  Nador Wikipedia Page