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Postal Code 63672 - Berkane, Oriental (Morocco)

Primary CityBerkane
Area Codes5362
Local TimeSaturday 11:28 AM
Coordinates34.764° / -2.43939°
Related Postal Codes633226332363324636006360263652

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
3/5/158:01 PM4.336.3 km5,000 m8km SW of Zaio, Moroccousgs.gov
4/29/1312:27 PM4.125.3 km8,100 mMoroccousgs.gov
5/14/069:52 AM3.545.9 kmNoneMoroccousgs.gov
12/10/056:20 PM3.434.2 km14,100 mMoroccousgs.gov
8/26/054:37 PM3.823.8 km16,500 mMoroccousgs.gov
7/1/053:14 PM3.547.4 km1,100 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
6/21/0510:00 PM3.546.7 km17,700 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
6/21/059:55 PM3.745.9 kmNoneStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
6/21/052:03 PM3.352.5 km15,300 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
6/11/051:27 PM3.929.2 km19,300 mMoroccousgs.gov

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Primary City

Berkane or (Berber: Berkan, Arabic: بَركان‎) is a city in the northeastern Morocco (Rif) in the area of Trifa, limited by the Mediterranean to its north, the Kiss Oued (Moroccan-Algerian border) and Oujda Province in the east, Nador Province to the w..  ︎  Berkane Wikipedia Page