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Postal Code 93222 - Tétouan, Tangier-Tetouan

Primary CityTétouan
Area Codes5315397
Local TimeSaturday 11:14 AM
Coordinates35.7786° / -5.34979°
Related Postal Codes931029315093200932029325093252

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
4/26/184:13 AM486.4 km10,000 m9km SW of Cortes de la Frontera, Spainusgs.gov
8/31/1612:02 PM3.852.8 km5,800 m5km NNW of San Roque, Spainusgs.gov
11/27/131:53 PM3.561.9 km1,900 m5km SSE of Manilva, Spainusgs.gov
3/18/138:11 PM477.7 km44,600 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
11/25/086:54 PM3.363.1 km76,800 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
10/5/0711:29 PM3.668.1 km52,600 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
4/28/073:55 PM3.133 km48,700 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
4/8/073:03 AM3.959.7 km66,400 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
12/11/067:34 PM3.771.8 km17,700 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov
11/13/0611:51 AM3.369 km69,600 mStrait of Gibraltarusgs.gov

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Primary City

Tétouan (from the Berber ⵜⵉⵟⵟⴰⵡⵉⵏ Tiṭṭawin, Arabic: تطوان, Spanish: Tetuán, French: Tétouan) is a city in northern Morocco. The Berber name means literally "the eyes" and figuratively "the water springs". Tétouan is one of the two major ports of Moro..  ︎  Tétouan Wikipedia Page