169 Postal Codes in Mozambique

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TimezoneMozambique Time
Area80,190 km²
Population22.1 million
Population Density275.1 / km²
Postal Codes1100, 1101, 1102 (166 more)
Area Codes21, 221, 222 (11 more)
Businesses in Mozambique8,618

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
1100 - 1113Maputo14
1112 - 1125Maputo Province13
1200 - 1212Gaza Province13
1300 - 1314Inhambane Province15
2100 - 2116Sofala Province18
2200 - 2209Manica District10
2300 - 2313Tete Province14
2400 - 2416Zambezia Province16
3100 - 3121Nampula Province22
3200 - 3219Cabo Delgado Province19
3300 - 3314Niassa Province15

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169 Postal Codes in Mozambique

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
1112Maputo Province
1114MatolaMaputo Province675,422
1115Maputo Province
1116NamaachaMaputo Province
1117Maputo Province
1118Maputo Province
1119InhacaMaputo Province
1120MarracueneMaputo Province
1121Maputo Province
1122XinavaneMaputo Province
1123Magude, Maputo ProvinceMaputo Province
1124Maputo Province
1125Ressano GarciaMaputo Province110,000
1200Xai-XaiGaza Province127,366
1201Xai-XaiGaza Province127,366
1202MaciaGaza Province23,156
1203Gaza Province
1204Chokwe, MozambiqueGaza Province63,695
1205Gaza Province
1206Gaza Province
1207Gaza Province
1208Gaza Province
1209Gaza Province
1210Gaza Province
1211Gaza Province
1212Gaza Province
1300InhambaneInhambane Province73,884
1301Maxixe, MozambiqueInhambane Province119,868
1302Inhambane Province
1303Inhambane Province
1304VilankuloInhambane Province
1305InhassoroInhambane Province
1306Inhambane Province
1307Inhambane Province
1308Inhambane Province
1309InhambaneInhambane Province73,884
1310Inhambane Province
1311Inhambane Province
1312Inhambane Province
1313Inhambane Province
1314Inhambane Province
2100Beira, MozambiqueSofala Province530,604
2101Beira, MozambiqueSofala Province530,604
2102Beira, MozambiqueSofala Province530,604
2103Beira, MozambiqueSofala Province530,604
2104DondoSofala Province78,648
2105Sofala Province
2106NhamatandaSofala Province
2107Sofala Province
2108Sofala Province
2109Sofala Province
2110Sofala Province
2111InhamitangaSofala Province
2112Sofala Province
2113Vila de SenaSofala Province
2114Sofala Province
2115Sofala Province
2116Sofala Province
2200Manica District
2201Manica District
2202MachipandaManica District
2203Manica District
2204Manica District
2205Manica District
2206Manica District
2207Manica District
2208Manica District
2209MachipandaManica District
2300Tete Province
2301Tete Province
2302Tete Province
2303Tete Province
2304Tete Province
2305Tete Province
2306UlonguéTete Province
2307Tete Province
2308Tete Province
2309Tete Province
2310Tete Province
2311Tete Province
2312Tete Province
2313Tete Province
2400QuelimaneZambezia Province188,964
2401Zambezia Province
2402Zambezia Province
2403Zambezia Province
2404Zambezia Province
2405Zambezia Province
2406Zambezia Province
2407GurúèZambezia Province
2408Zambezia Province
2409Zambezia Province
2410Zambezia Province
2411Zambezia Province
2412Sofala Province
2413Zambezia Province
2414Zambezia Province
2415Zambezia Province
2416Zambezia Province
3100NampulaNampula Province388,526
3101AngocheNampula Province74,624
3102MonapoNampula Province
3103MutuáliNampula Province30,523
3104Nampula Province
3105Island of MozambiqueNampula Province54,315
3106Nampula Province
3107Nampula Province
3108Nampula Province
3109Nampula Province
3110Nampula Province
3111Nampula Province
3112NacalaNampula Province224,795
3113Nampula Province
3114Nampula Province
3115Nampula Province
3116Nampula Province
3117Nampula Province
3118NampulaNampula Province388,526
3119Nampula Province
3120Nampula Province
3121Nampula Province
3200Pemba, MozambiqueCabo Delgado Province108,737
3201Pemba, MozambiqueCabo Delgado Province108,737
3202Pemba, MozambiqueCabo Delgado Province108,737
3203Pemba, MozambiqueCabo Delgado Province108,737
3204Cabo Delgado Province
3205Cabo Delgado Province
3206AncuabeCabo Delgado Province
3207Cabo Delgado Province
3208MontepuezCabo Delgado Province72,279
3209Cabo Delgado Province
3210Cabo Delgado Province
3212Ibo DistrictCabo Delgado Province
3213Cabo Delgado Province
3214Cabo Delgado Province
3215Cabo Delgado Province
3216MuedaCabo Delgado Province
3217Cabo Delgado Province
3218Cabo Delgado Province
3219Palma, MozambiqueCabo Delgado Province
3300LichingaNiassa Province109,839
3301Niassa Province
3302Niassa Province
3303Niassa Province
3304Niassa Province
3305CuambaNiassa Province73,268
3306Niassa Province
3307Niassa Province
3308Niassa Province
3309Niassa Province
3310Niassa Province
3311Niassa Province
3312Niassa Province
3313Niassa Province
3314Niassa Province


(/moʊzæmˈbiːk/ or /mɔːzæmˈbiːk/), officially the Republic of Mozambique (Portuguese: Moçambique or República de Moçambique, pronounced: [rɛˈpublikɐ dɨ musɐ̃ˈbikɨ]), is a country in Southeast Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean to the east, Tanzania..  ︎  Mozambique Wikipedia Page