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Postal Code 3212 - Ibo District, Cabo Delgado Province

Primary CityIbo District
Area Codes272
Local TimeWednesday 9:27 AM
TimezoneCentral Africa Time
Coordinates-12.31909° / 40.57373°
Related Postal Codes321032113213321432153216

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
11/20/1811:33 AM4.570.8 km10,000 m67km E of Ibo, Mozambiqueusgs.gov
11/20/187:24 AM4.674.5 km10,000 m71km E of Ibo, Mozambiqueusgs.gov
9/9/184:48 AM4.671.4 km10,000 m71km NE of Ibo, Mozambiqueusgs.gov
6/5/183:55 PM5.159.8 km10,000 m59km NE of Ibo, Mozambiqueusgs.gov
2/15/172:58 PM4.189.8 km10,000 m87km E of Ibo, Mozambiqueusgs.gov
9/7/148:24 PM4.363.6 km13,810 m60km E of Ibo, Mozambiqueusgs.gov
8/9/1312:23 PM4.496.2 km11,880 m52km ESE of Pemba, Mozambiqueusgs.gov
2/12/1012:56 AM4.195.1 km10,000 mComoros regionusgs.gov
6/1/083:29 PM3.592.1 km10,000 mMozambiqueusgs.gov
1/2/056:31 PM4.131.8 km10,000 mMozambiqueusgs.gov

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Primary City

Ibo District is a small district of Cabo Delgado Province in northern Mozambique. Its principal town is Vila do Ibo on Ibo Island.  ︎  Ibo District Wikipedia Page