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Postal Code 10105 - Nepal

Local TimeWednesday 9:09 PM
TimezoneNepal Time
Coordinates29.94522° / 80.62086°
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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
11/10/1811:07 PM4.53.4 km10,000 m13km NE of Dharchula, Indiausgs.gov
12/1/168:52 AM5.23.9 km31,960 m17km NNE of Dharchula, Indiausgs.gov
9/29/152:27 AM4.624.5 km35,000 m22km NW of Darchula, Nepalusgs.gov
7/6/147:48 AM4.149.8 km43,730 m55km NNW of Dharchula, Indiausgs.gov
7/3/144:35 AM443 km35,000 m47km NNW of Dharchula, Indiausgs.gov
7/27/1210:48 PM4.63.7 km16,500 mNepal-India border regionusgs.gov
5/4/111:57 PM4.645.6 km25,400 mwestern Xizang-India border regionusgs.gov
4/4/114:31 AM5.330.3 km26,100 mNepal-India border regionusgs.gov
7/6/1012:08 PM524.5 km32,800 mNepal-India border regionusgs.gov
7/3/107:35 PM4.725.8 km11,600 mNepal-India border regionusgs.gov

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