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Postal Code 10300, Nepal - Map and Information

Primary CityDadeldhura
Area Codes96
NeighborhoodsJogbudha, Katal
Local TimeFriday 9:29 PM
TimezoneNepal Time
Coordinates29.3699999067935° / 80.7399995852705°
Related Postal Codes103021030310304103051030610307

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Business Distribution by neighborhood in 10300
 Katal: 44.4%
 Jogbudha: 33.3%
 Badal: 22.2%


Business Distribution by Industry
 Education: 24.7%
 Shopping: 15.3%
 Religion: 12.9%
 Community & Government: 11.8%
 Medical: 8.2%
 Financial Services: 5.9%
 Hotels & Travel: 5.9%
 Other: 15.3%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
8/21/175:50 PM4.640.4 km10,000 m25km NE of Dipayal,
7/1/165:23 PM4.438.3 km10,000 m31km NNE of Dipayal,
6/29/162:10 AM4.643.1 km9,030 m37km NNE of Dipayal,
1/21/157:42 PM430.4 km40,660 m17km NE of Dipayal,
7/7/149:37 AM4.435.3 km16,320 m23km NE of Dipayal,
1/2/139:42 AM4.744.6 km10,000 m31km ENE of Dipayal,
4/4/114:31 AM5.336.4 km26,100 mNepal-India border
1/10/109:15 PM4.745.1 km35,000 mNepal-India border
6/14/088:27 PM4.634.7 km29,000
3/10/075:25 AM4.640 km5,800

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Primary City

Dadeldhura is a far -western district of Nepal.It lies in the Mahakali Zone of far-western Nepal. The region has a desert-mountainous landscape that contains many local religious temples. The district is seldom visited by tourists to Nepal, but conta..    Dadeldhura Wikipedia Page