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Postal Code 10410 - Nepal

Local TimeWednesday 9:02 PM
TimezoneNepal Time
Coordinates28.5° / 81.3°
Related Postal Codes104031040410405104061040710411

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/11/1911:51 AM4.552.9 km31,320 m11km WNW of Dailekh, Nepalusgs.gov
10/5/1812:15 AM4.329.1 km10,000 m19km NW of Birendranagar, Nepalusgs.gov
10/5/1812:08 AM4.449.6 km10,000 m13km WNW of Dailekh, Nepalusgs.gov
7/15/179:35 AM4.351.3 km27,700 m6km W of Dailekh, Nepalusgs.gov
12/25/158:48 PM4.177.5 km10,000 m19km NE of Achham, Nepalusgs.gov
1/5/1511:41 AM4.250.7 km34,470 m9km WNW of Dailekh, Nepalusgs.gov
1/2/139:42 AM4.796.7 km10,000 m31km ENE of Dipayal, Nepalusgs.gov
8/28/121:31 AM4.680.4 km10,000 mNepalusgs.gov
6/15/0810:34 AM3.777.4 km35,000 mNepalusgs.gov
2/12/077:53 AM3.693.6 km10,000 mNepal-India border regionusgs.gov

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