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Postal Code 21509, Nepal - Map and Information

Primary CityPurtim Kanda
Local TimeSunday 1:41 AM
TimezoneNepal Time
Coordinates28.7° / 82.3°
Related Postal Codes215002150321504215052150621508

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/11/1911:51 AM4.571.2 km31,320 m11km WNW of Dailekh, Nepalusgs.gov
10/5/1812:08 AM4.473 km10,000 m13km WNW of Dailekh, Nepalusgs.gov
7/15/179:35 AM4.366.4 km27,700 m6km W of Dailekh, Nepalusgs.gov
6/20/155:23 AM4.736.4 km10,000 m49km ENE of Salyan, Nepalusgs.gov
4/21/156:29 PM4.432.9 km10,000 m53km SE of Jumla, Nepalusgs.gov
4/21/157:02 AM523.4 km10,000 m46km SSE of Jumla, Nepalusgs.gov
1/5/1511:41 AM4.269.6 km34,470 m9km WNW of Dailekh, Nepalusgs.gov
6/28/134:40 AM55.4 km24,800 m42km NNE of Salyan, Nepalusgs.gov
5/14/132:59 AM482.4 km35,000 mNepalusgs.gov
3/6/138:49 AM56.5 km10,000 m43km NNE of Salyan, Nepalusgs.gov

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Primary City

Purtim Kanda is a village development committee in Rukum District in the Rapti Zone of western Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 3431 people living in 632 individual households.    Purtim Kanda Wikipedia Page