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Postal Code 44509, Nepal - Map and Information

Local TimeTuesday 4:45 AM
TimezoneNepal Time
Coordinates26.99512° / 85.19746°
Related Postal Codes445004450244503445044450644508

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
4/23/195:44 PM4.786.3 km27,340 m22km WNW of Kirtipur, Nepalusgs.gov
6/20/1610:49 PM3.584.8 km10,000 m33km W of Kirtipur, Nepalusgs.gov
5/23/1612:09 PM4.379.3 km10,000 m18km W of Kirtipur, Nepalusgs.gov
4/9/166:20 AM4.171.7 km10,220 m4km SSW of Patan, Nepalusgs.gov
9/21/1511:32 PM4.478.3 km10,000 m20km W of Kirtipur, Nepalusgs.gov
8/10/159:57 PM3.775.4 km2,640 m2km SE of Patan, Nepalusgs.gov
7/22/159:29 AM3.978.7 km14,540 m2km NNE of Kirtipur, Nepalusgs.gov
7/3/151:04 PM4.585.7 km3,360 m34km NNW of Hitura, Nepalusgs.gov
6/29/152:46 PM4.376.3 km10,000 m26km ESE of Panaoti, Nepalusgs.gov
6/16/155:13 PM482.9 km5,700 m4km NNW of Kathmandu, Nepalusgs.gov

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