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Postal Code 57307, Nepal - Map and Information

Primary CityIlam, Nepal
Area Codes27
Local TimeTuesday 3:10 PM
TimezoneNepal Time
Coordinates26.86621° / 88.10122°
Related Postal Codes573005730257303573045730557306

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
6/19/189:15 PM4.442.6 km52,910 m29km NNW of Ilam, Nepalusgs.gov
6/19/189:08 PM4.460.2 km38,300 m17km E of Dhankuta, Nepalusgs.gov
6/17/188:07 AM4.471.6 km49,760 m12km SSW of Mangan, Indiausgs.gov
12/2/173:43 PM4.246.5 km10,000 m24km NW of Naya Bazar, Indiausgs.gov
5/16/173:13 PM4.251.5 km10,000 m23km NNW of Naya Bazar, Indiausgs.gov
3/26/172:42 PM4.554.3 km24,390 m5km SSE of Rangpo, Indiausgs.gov
8/14/1510:42 PM4.461.5 km10,000 m48km WNW of Naya Bazar, Indiausgs.gov
4/27/155:35 AM5.14.6 km31,710 m13km ESE of Ilam, Nepalusgs.gov
10/2/1311:12 PM5.255.6 km9,870 m11km WNW of Singtam, Indiausgs.gov
4/18/1311:35 PM4.257.3 km47,100 m46km WNW of Naya Bazar, Indiausgs.gov

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Primary City

Ilam (Nepali: इलाम  Listen ) is a municipality of Ilam District, which is in the hilly region of Mechi zone, in the Eastern Development Region of Nepal. Ilam also acts as the headquarters of Ilam District and Mechi zone. Geographically it lies in the..    Ilam, Nepal Wikipedia Page