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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area53.1 km²
Population151,800 (More Details)
Male Population75,151 (49.5%)
Female Population76,648 (50.5%)
Median Age32.4
Postal Districts9613, 9622, 9711 (29 more)
Postal Codes9613 AA, 9613 AE, 9613 AG (5,197 more)
Area Code50

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32 Postal Districts in Groningen, Groningen (province)

Postal DistrictCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
9613GroningenGroningen (province)6952.039 km²
9622GroningenGroningen (province)
9711GroningenGroningen (province)3,9560.819 km²
9712GroningenGroningen (province)5,2090.996 km²
9713GroningenGroningen (province)9,5662.123 km²
9714GroningenGroningen (province)2,5760.572 km²
9715GroningenGroningen (province)2,6300.614 km²
9716GroningenGroningen (province)2,8140.573 km²
9717GroningenGroningen (province)2,6770.544 km²
9718GroningenGroningen (province)5,4480.869 km²
9721GroningenGroningen (province)9,5472.312 km²
9722GroningenGroningen (province)6,3981.895 km²
9723GroningenGroningen (province)31,64216.2 km²
9724GroningenGroningen (province)2,5370.413 km²
9725GroningenGroningen (province)3,8220.733 km²
9726GroningenGroningen (province)2,4860.554 km²
9727GroningenGroningen (province)8,9393.32 km²
9728GroningenGroningen (province)11,6594.287 km²
9731GroningenGroningen (province)11,9893.161 km²
9732Groningen (province)3,5771.009 km²
9734GroningenGroningen (province)2,8573.264 km²
9735GroningenGroningen (province)1,4681.009 km²
9736GroningenGroningen (province)3,7251.127 km²
9737GroningenGroningen (province)4,3811.336 km²
9738GroningenGroningen (province)2,5747.4 km²
9741GroningenGroningen (province)4,7821.41 km²
9742GroningenGroningen (province)5,9811.191 km²
9743GroningenGroningen (province)11,0982.716 km²
97457,7655.3 km²
9746GroningenGroningen (province)5,6447.5 km²
9747GroningenGroningen (province)3,9692.235 km²
9794GroningenGroningen (province)2383.089 km²

Groningen, Groningen (province) Demographic Information

Population Density2,857 / km²
Male Population75,151 (49.5%)
Female Population76,648 (50.5%)
Median Age32.4
Male Median Age32.2
Female Median Age32.6
Businesses in Groningen, Groningen (province)25,254
Population (1975)104,336
Population (2000)134,290
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +45.5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +13%


Groningen (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈɣroːnɪŋə(n)]; Gronings: Grunnen; West Frisian: Grins) is the main municipality as well as the capital city of the eponymous province in the Netherlands. With a population of 197,823 (in 2014), it is the largest city ..  ︎  Groningen Wikipedia Page