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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area419 km²
Population2.5 million (More Details)
Male Population1,240,901 (49.9%)
Female Population1,245,065 (50.1%)
Median Age41.8
Postal Districts2502, 4251, 4254 (515 more)
Postal Codes67,246
Area Codes114, 13, 161 (25 more)

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518 Postal Districts in North Brabant

Postal DistrictCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
2502North Brabant
4251WerkendamNorth Brabant12,25767.2 km²
4254SleeuwijkNorth Brabant4,21710.2 km²
4255NieuwendijkNorth Brabant3,33910.3 km²
4261AalburgNorth Brabant5,69518.5 km²
4264Veen, NetherlandsNorth Brabant2,7853.404 km²
4265GenderenNorth Brabant1,5444.956 km²
4266EethenNorth Brabant7794.659 km²
4267DrongelenNorth Brabant7647.5 km²
4268Meeuwen, NetherlandsNorth Brabant7744.997 km²
4269BabyloniënbroekNorth Brabant6049.3 km²
4271DussenNorth Brabant2,04416 km²
4273Hank, WerkendamNorth Brabant4,59524.9 km²
4281Andel, NetherlandsNorth Brabant2,8206.3 km²
4283Giessen, NetherlandsNorth Brabant2,8665.1 km²
4284Rijswijk, North BrabantNorth Brabant1,2284.387 km²
4285WoudrichemNorth Brabant2,8056.7 km²
4286AlmkerkNorth Brabant3,88021.8 km²
4287North Brabant2041.458 km²
4288North Brabant5904.699 km²
4611Bergen op ZoomNorth Brabant5,0171.591 km²
4612Bergen op ZoomNorth Brabant8,8228.7 km²
4613Bergen op ZoomNorth Brabant2,7921.078 km²
4614Bergen op ZoomNorth Brabant7,27610.7 km²
4615Bergen op ZoomNorth Brabant2,9961.288 km²
4616Bergen op ZoomNorth Brabant5830.526 km²
4617Bergen op ZoomNorth Brabant3,40315.7 km²
4621Bergen op ZoomNorth Brabant1,7050.612 km²
4622Bergen op ZoomNorth Brabant3,6633.658 km²
4623Bergen op ZoomNorth Brabant3,9376 km²
4624Bergen op ZoomNorth Brabant4,7648.9 km²
4625Bergen op ZoomNorth Brabant3,8214.29 km²
4631HoogerheideNorth Brabant9,29119.5 km²
4634WoensdrechtNorth Brabant2,12914.6 km²
4635HuijbergenNorth Brabant1,88910.3 km²
4641OssendrechtNorth Brabant7,14832.3 km²
4645Putte, KapellenNorth Brabant4,16216.4 km²
4651SteenbergenNorth Brabant9,25438.2 km²
4652SteenbergenNorth Brabant2410.262 km²
4655De HeenNorth Brabant1,89223.7 km²
4661HalsterenNorth Brabant13,73017.1 km²
4664LepelstraatNorth Brabant3,65212.9 km²
4671DinteloordNorth Brabant6,64459.2 km²
4681Nieuw-VossemeerNorth Brabant1,99914.4 km²
4701RoosendaalNorth Brabant3,7921.261 km²
4702RoosendaalNorth Brabant8,5752.986 km²
4703RoosendaalNorth Brabant7,90210.8 km²
4704RoosendaalNorth Brabant9,3414.313 km²
4705RoosendaalNorth Brabant4,3033.2 km²
4706RoosendaalNorth Brabant10,4117.2 km²
4707RoosendaalNorth Brabant10,6608.5 km²
4708RoosendaalNorth Brabant7,0428.4 km²
4709North Brabant2,92711.7 km²
4711Sint WillebrordNorth Brabant6,4294.556 km²
4714SprundelNorth Brabant5,74117.2 km²
4715RucphenNorth Brabant6,46420 km²
4721North Brabant1,57316.8 km²
4722North Brabant3633.55 km²
4724WouwNorth Brabant4,7048.9 km²
4725RoosendaalNorth Brabant2,50824 km²
4726HeerleNorth Brabant4,1318.4 km²
4727RoosendaalNorth Brabant1,7557.8 km²
4731OudenboschNorth Brabant8,84811.9 km²
4735ZeggeNorth Brabant2,1585 km²
4741HoevenNorth Brabant7,58225.3 km²
4744BosschenhoofdNorth Brabant1,9614.607 km²
4751North Brabant9,68129.2 km²
4754StampersgatNorth Brabant1,3863.988 km²
4756KruislandNorth Brabant3,09222.3 km²
4758StanddaarbuitenNorth Brabant2,37711 km²
4759North Brabant7523.288 km²
4761ZevenbergenNorth Brabant6,83817.1 km²
4762ZevenbergenNorth Brabant1,5314.343 km²
4765MoerdijkNorth Brabant2,12210.8 km²
4766DrimmelenNorth Brabant1993.632 km²
4771North Brabant1,2618 km²
4772North Brabant6764.437 km²
4781MoerdijkNorth Brabant7906 km²
4782MoerdijkNorth Brabant7,66821.9 km²
4791KlundertNorth Brabant4,41823.2 km²
4793FijnaartNorth Brabant3,44323 km²
4794North Brabant2,42823.9 km²
4796North Brabant4176.5 km²
4797Willemstad, North BrabantNorth Brabant1,85618.9 km²
4811BredaNorth Brabant9,8182.59 km²
4812BredaNorth Brabant4,9901.418 km²
4813BredaNorth Brabant6,1221.775 km²
4814BredaNorth Brabant11,3393.471 km²
4815BredaNorth Brabant9,5562.714 km²
4816BredaNorth Brabant4,9501.295 km²
4817BredaNorth Brabant16,5125.4 km²
4818BredaNorth Brabant7,3592.063 km²
4819BredaNorth Brabant1,8800.773 km²
4822BredaNorth Brabant4,7012.137 km²
4823BredaNorth Brabant4,9747.9 km²
4824BredaNorth Brabant9,5203.786 km²
4825BredaNorth Brabant7,1574.159 km²
4826BredaNorth Brabant5,9822.109 km²
4827BredaNorth Brabant4,2531.522 km²
4834BredaNorth Brabant7,8193.55 km²
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North Brabant Demographic Information

Population2.5 million
Population Density5,933 / km²
Male Population1,240,901 (49.9%)
Female Population1,245,065 (50.1%)
Median Age41.8
Male Median Age41.1
Female Median Age42.5
Businesses in North Brabant315,882
Population (1975)2,042,907
Population (2000)2,365,270
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +21.7%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +5.1%

North Brabant

North Brabant (Dutch: Noord-Brabant [ˈnoːrt ˈbraːbɑnt]), also unofficially called Brabant since 2001, is a province in the south of the Netherlands. It borders the provinces of South Holland and Gelderland to the north, Limburg to the east, Zeeland t..  ︎  North Brabant Wikipedia Page