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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area218 km²
Population3.6 million (More Details)
Male Population1,767,619 (49.3%)
Female Population1,814,716 (50.7%)
Median Age40
Postal Districts1428, 2159, 2161 (558 more)
Postal Codes90,904
Area Codes10, 113, 118 (25 more)

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561 Postal Districts in South Holland

Postal DistrictCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
1428NieuwveenSouth Holland2780.297 km²
2159KaagSouth Holland5172.196 km²
2161LisseSouth Holland16,11113.4 km²
2162LisseSouth Holland4,2041.427 km²
2163LisseSouth Holland2,1340.82 km²
2171SassenheimSouth Holland9,7134.314 km²
2172SassenheimSouth Holland3,5872.51 km²
2181HillegomSouth Holland7,3444.152 km²
2182HillegomSouth Holland13,2059.6 km²
2191South Holland2,3046.8 km²
2201South Holland11,3347.9 km²
2202South Holland6,17410.4 km²
2204South Holland4,85128.5 km²
2211NoordwijkerhoutSouth Holland14,03718.4 km²
2212NoordwijkerhoutSouth Holland
2215VoorhoutSouth Holland15,54012.1 km²
2216VoorhoutSouth Holland
2221South Holland7,5162.646 km²
2222South Holland3,8260.979 km²
2223KatwijkSouth Holland6,8793.878 km²
2224South Holland7,2572.643 km²
2225Katwijk aan ZeeSouth Holland7,55910.8 km²
2231RijnsburgSouth Holland22,3936.4 km²
2232RijnsburgSouth Holland
2235Valkenburg, South HollandSouth Holland8,4204.822 km²
2241WassenaarSouth Holland6,1114.895 km²
2242WassenaarSouth Holland9,39127.5 km²
2243WassenaarSouth Holland3,7469.5 km²
2244WassenaarSouth Holland4,6705.3 km²
2245WassenaarSouth Holland3,73511.4 km²
2251VoorschotenSouth Holland9,7343.201 km²
2252VoorschotenSouth Holland5,2524.08 km²
2253VoorschotenSouth Holland8,0202.883 km²
2254VoorschotenSouth Holland1,7131.971 km²
2261LeidschendamSouth Holland3,4100.892 km²
2262LeidschendamSouth Holland3,0870.678 km²
2263LeidschendamSouth Holland4,2521.26 km²
2264LeidschendamSouth Holland6,9061.653 km²
2265LeidschendamSouth Holland4,9201.269 km²
2266LeidschendamSouth Holland15,68521.7 km²
2267LeidschendamSouth Holland9030.19 km²
2268LeidschendamSouth Holland
2271VoorburgSouth Holland5,6111.205 km²
2272VoorburgSouth Holland8,7571.831 km²
2273VoorburgSouth Holland5,7061.281 km²
2274VoorburgSouth Holland6,0771.193 km²
2275VoorburgSouth Holland4,1850.884 km²
2281RijswijkSouth Holland2,3040.446 km²
2282RijswijkSouth Holland5,2281.262 km²
2283RijswijkSouth Holland5,2041.636 km²
2284RijswijkSouth Holland2,2500.754 km²
2285RijswijkSouth Holland6,7511.81 km²
2286RijswijkSouth Holland7,3922.713 km²
2287RijswijkSouth Holland2,1810.868 km²
2288RijswijkSouth Holland10,6063.478 km²
2289RijswijkSouth Holland5,7931.823 km²
2291WateringenSouth Holland7,2084.772 km²
2292WateringenSouth Holland1,7310.751 km²
2295KwintsheulSouth Holland4,7063.513 km²
2311LeidenSouth Holland7,1191.053 km²
2312LeidenSouth Holland9,1441.221 km²
2313LeidenSouth Holland8,7481.494 km²
2314LeidenSouth Holland8,5731.479 km²
2315LeidenSouth Holland7,0281.137 km²
2316LeidenSouth Holland8,0931.388 km²
2317LeidenSouth Holland7,4731.405 km²
2318LeidenSouth Holland3,0270.635 km²
2321LeidenSouth Holland9,9261.655 km²
2322LeidenSouth Holland2,3461.276 km²
2323LeidenSouth Holland2,0001.803 km²
2324LeidenSouth Holland8,8251.553 km²
2331LeidenSouth Holland8,9192.039 km²
2332LeidenSouth Holland11,3452.191 km²
2333LeidenSouth Holland8,9051.547 km²
2334LeidenSouth Holland4,6451.046 km²
2341OegstgeestSouth Holland8,0692.559 km²
2342OegstgeestSouth Holland4,0331.775 km²
2343OegstgeestSouth Holland10,1403.926 km²
2351LeiderdorpSouth Holland7,4576 km²
2352LeiderdorpSouth Holland7,6862.254 km²
2353LeiderdorpSouth Holland11,2083.702 km²
2355HoogmadeSouth Holland1,2925.7 km²
2361WarmondSouth Holland7,48811 km²
2362WarmondSouth Holland5733.489 km²
2371RoelofarendsveenSouth Holland8,9359 km²
2374Oud AdeSouth Holland1,3038.8 km²
2375RijpweteringSouth Holland1,6648.3 km²
2376Nieuwe WeteringSouth Holland1,5612.02 km²
2377Oude WeteringSouth Holland1,8261.252 km²
2381Zoeterwoude-DorpSouth Holland5,13116.6 km²
2382Zoeterwoude-DorpSouth Holland4,5333.603 km²
2391Hazerswoude-DorpSouth Holland10,08828.6 km²
2394Hazerswoude-RijndijkSouth Holland2,5746.9 km²
2396Koudekerk aan den RijnSouth Holland2,8069.6 km²
2401Alphen aan den RijnSouth Holland8,1676.9 km²
2402Alphen aan den RijnSouth Holland8,5664.49 km²
2403Alphen aan den RijnSouth Holland5,1923.048 km²
2404Alphen aan den RijnSouth Holland11,0682.845 km²
2405Alphen aan den RijnSouth Holland5,5221.722 km²
2406Alphen aan den RijnSouth Holland7,2923.232 km²
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South Holland Demographic Information

Population3.6 million
Population Density16,432 / km²
Male Population1,767,619 (49.3%)
Female Population1,814,716 (50.7%)
Median Age40
Male Median Age39.1
Female Median Age40.9
Businesses in South Holland416,619
Population (1975)2,957,226
Population (2000)3,383,446
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +21.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +5.9%

South Holland

South Holland (Dutch: Zuid-Holland [ˈzœyt ˈɦɔlɑnt]) is a province in the midwestern Netherlands. It has a population of just over 3.6 million (as of 2015) and a population density of about 1,300/km2 (3,400/sq mi), making it the country's most populou..  ︎  South Holland Wikipedia Page