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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area85.5 km²
Population515,449 (More Details)
Male Population254,008 (49.3%)
Female Population261,441 (50.7%)
Median Age37.6
Postal Districts2586, 2597, 2566 (59 more)
Postal Codes2253 SE, 2491 AA, 2491 AB (13,930 more)
Area Code70

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62 Postal Districts in The Hague, South Holland

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
2586The HagueSouth Holland7,07310.1 km²
2597The HagueSouth Holland20,4936.7 km²
2566The HagueSouth Holland14,3995.7 km²
2554The HagueSouth Holland6,7915.4 km²
2553The HagueSouth Holland20,7594.553 km²
2583The HagueSouth Holland10,4613.419 km²
2548The HagueSouth Holland20,6053.217 km²
2544The HagueSouth Holland19,5163.163 km²
2496The HagueSouth Holland12,6853.076 km²
2491The HagueSouth Holland15,6612.895 km²
2555The HagueSouth Holland10,4062.62 km²
2492The HagueSouth Holland7,8132.594 km²
2497The HagueSouth Holland13,7702.563 km²
2594The HagueSouth Holland6,2902.161 km²
2552The HagueSouth Holland15,7502.133 km²
2516The HagueSouth Holland16,6531.99 km²
2585The HagueSouth Holland9,0861.836 km²
2517The HagueSouth Holland12,6521.811 km²
2495The HagueSouth Holland5,7211.783 km²
2533The HagueSouth Holland8,2231.742 km²
2493The HagueSouth Holland7,8461.687 km²
2596The HagueSouth Holland11,2881.6 km²
2587The HagueSouth Holland8,7311.501 km²
2545The HagueSouth Holland10,5241.459 km²
2565The HagueSouth Holland8,7961.311 km²
2595The HagueSouth Holland11,6331.088 km²
2564The HagueSouth Holland10,6751.066 km²
2521The HagueSouth Holland8,2781.064 km²
2591The HagueSouth Holland6,8361.015 km²
2551The HagueSouth Holland7,3891.008 km²
2542The HagueSouth Holland6,9961.004 km²
2592The HagueSouth Holland6,7640.979 km²
2498The HagueSouth Holland5,0050.944 km²
2593The HagueSouth Holland4,9470.917 km²
2525The HagueSouth Holland7,5820.893 km²
2515The HagueSouth Holland6,4380.877 km²
2512The HagueSouth Holland7,2300.871 km²
2582The HagueSouth Holland6,7190.828 km²
2514The HagueSouth Holland5,8980.813 km²
2531The HagueSouth Holland5,6480.778 km²
2518The HagueSouth Holland6,4130.752 km²
2541The HagueSouth Holland5,5610.724 km²
2563The HagueSouth Holland5,2790.689 km²
2584The HagueSouth Holland4,7630.681 km²
2571The HagueSouth Holland5,2690.664 km²
2513The HagueSouth Holland5,6030.655 km²
2562The HagueSouth Holland6,0010.639 km²
2543The HagueSouth Holland5,0870.626 km²
2526The HagueSouth Holland6,0510.61 km²
2547The HagueSouth Holland4,1080.589 km²
2522The HagueSouth Holland4,5810.574 km²
2532The HagueSouth Holland5,2760.564 km²
2511The HagueSouth Holland5,5510.563 km²
2572The HagueSouth Holland4,0540.483 km²
2573The HagueSouth Holland3,6630.48 km²
2574The HagueSouth Holland5,1970.473 km²
2524The HagueSouth Holland2,7110.425 km²
2546The HagueSouth Holland2,5930.386 km²
2523The HagueSouth Holland2,6290.304 km²
2561The HagueSouth Holland2,7950.273 km²
2581The HagueSouth Holland1,9700.24 km²
3595The HagueSouth Holland

The Hague, South Holland Demographic Information

Population Density6,025 / km²
Male Population254,008 (49.3%)
Female Population261,441 (50.7%)
Median Age37.6
Male Median Age37.1
Female Median Age38.1
Businesses in The Hague, South Holland61,588
Population (1975)306,376
Population (2000)435,369
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +68.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +18.4%

The Hague

The Hague (/ðə ˈheɪɡ/; Dutch: Den Haag pronounced [dɛnˈɦaːx] or 's-Gravenhage pronounced [ˈsxraːvə(n)ˌɦaːɣə]) is the seat of government in the Netherlands, and the capital city of the province of South Holland. With a population of 515,880 inhabitant..  ︎  The Hague Wikipedia Page