53 Postal Codes in New Caledonia

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TimezoneNew Caledonia Time
Area18,576 km²
Population Density11.7 / km²
Postal Codes98800, 98807, 98809 (50 more)
Area Codes23, 24, 25 (41 more)
Businesses in New Caledonia3,301

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
98800 - 98812, 98829 - 98890South Province25
98811 - 98883North Province21

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53 Postal Codes in New Caledonia

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
98800NouméaSouth Province, New Caledonia93,060
98807NouméaSouth Province, New Caledonia93,060
98809Mont-DoreSouth Province, New Caledonia24,680
98810Mont-DoreSouth Province, New Caledonia24,680
98811North Province, New Caledonia
98812BouloupariSouth Province, New Caledonia2,146
98813CanalaNorth Province, New Caledonia3,538
98814FayaouéLoyalty Islands4,411
98815HienghèneNorth Province, New Caledonia2,668
98816HouaïlouNorth Province, New Caledonia4,562
98817Kaala-GomenNorth Province, New Caledonia1,897
98818KouaouaNorth Province, New Caledonia
98819MoindouSouth Province, New Caledonia609
98820Loyalty Islands10,375
98821OuégoaNorth Province, New Caledonia2,127
98822PoindimiéNorth Province, New Caledonia4,885
98823PonérihouenNorth Province, New Caledonia2,739
98824PouéboNorth Province, New Caledonia2,391
98825PouemboutNorth Province, New Caledonia1,511
98826PoumNorth Province, New Caledonia1,405
98827Poya, New CaledoniaNorth Province, New Caledonia2,617
98828TadineLoyalty Islands7,492
98829Thio, New CaledoniaSouth Province, New Caledonia2,748
98830DumbéaSouth Province, New Caledonia19,346
98831TouhoNorth Province, New Caledonia2,283
98832South Province, New Caledonia
98833VohNorth Province, New Caledonia2,272
98834South Province, New Caledonia
98835DumbéaSouth Province, New Caledonia19,346
98836DumbéaSouth Province, New Caledonia19,346
98837DumbéaSouth Province, New Caledonia19,346
98838HouaïlouNorth Province, New Caledonia4,562
98839DumbéaSouth Province, New Caledonia19,346
98840PaïtaSouth Province, New Caledonia12,617
98845NouméaSouth Province, New Caledonia93,060
98846NouméaSouth Province, New Caledonia93,060
98850KoumacNorth Province, New Caledonia3,060
98859Koné, New CaledoniaNorth Province, New Caledonia4,572
98860Koné, New CaledoniaNorth Province, New Caledonia4,572
98870BourailSouth Province, New Caledonia4,826
98874South Province, New Caledonia
98875Plum, New Caledonia
98876South Province, New Caledonia
98877Poya, New CaledoniaNorth Province, New Caledonia2,617
98878Loyalty Islands
98880SarraméaSouth Province, New Caledonia623
98881FarinoSouth Province, New Caledonia480
98882SarraméaSouth Province, New Caledonia623
98883VohNorth Province, New Caledonia2,272
98885Loyalty Islands
98889PaïtaSouth Province, New Caledonia12,617
98890PaïtaSouth Province, New Caledonia12,617

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