76 Postal Codes in Southland, New Zealand

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TimezoneNew Zealand Time
Area34,347 km²
Population98,862 (More Details)
Male Population48,917 (49.5%)
Female Population49,945 (50.5%)
Median Age39.6
Postal Codes9600, 9610, 9620 (73 more)
Area Code3

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
9841 - 9844Invercargill5

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76 Postal Codes in Southland, New Zealand

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
9600Te AnauSouthland, New Zealand1,92314.2 km²
9610OtautauSouthland, New Zealand7542.95 km²
9620TuatapereSouthland, New Zealand4463.63 km²
9630NightcapsSouthland, New Zealand3281.382 km²
9635OhaiSouthland, New Zealand1960.753 km²
9640Te AnauSouthland, New Zealand
9641OtautauSouthland, New Zealand
9642TuatapereSouthland, New Zealand
9643ManapouriSouthland, New Zealand
9644NightcapsSouthland, New Zealand
9645OhaiSouthland, New Zealand
9672Southland, New Zealand3981,911.2 km²
9679Southland, New Zealand1,3087,433.8 km²
9682Southland, New Zealand794781.9 km²
9683OtautauSouthland, New Zealand703230.3 km²
9689Southland, New Zealand970892.2 km²
9691Southland, New Zealand5047,282.4 km²
9710Gore, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand7,64210.1 km²
9712MatauraSouthland, New Zealand1,2833.174 km²
9720Winton, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand2,3514.3 km²
9730Lumsden, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand4503.313 km²
9740East GoreSouthland, New Zealand
9741Winton, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand
9742Lumsden, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand
9743Southland, New Zealand
9744Riversdale, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand
9745WaikaiaSouthland, New Zealand
9746Balfour, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand
9747MossburnSouthland, New Zealand
9749Athol, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand
9750Southland, New Zealand
9752Dipton, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand
9772Southland, New Zealand1,143413.7 km²
9773Southland, New Zealand815335.7 km²
9774Southland, New Zealand1,136420.9 km²
9776Riversdale, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand1,369543.1 km²
9777Southland, New Zealand575740.4 km²
9778Southland, New Zealand2251,004.3 km²
9779Balfour, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand354123.6 km²
9781Southland, New Zealand1,245198.9 km²
9782Winton, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand1,036470.1 km²
9783Southland, New Zealand1,245482.9 km²
9791Dipton, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand560379.9 km²
9792MossburnSouthland, New Zealand546490 km²
9794Lumsden, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand9659.8 km²
9810Southland, New Zealand25,91322.7 km²
9812InvercargillSouthland, New Zealand18,35415.1 km²
9814Bluff, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand1,81210.1 km²
9816WallacetownSouthland, New Zealand6784.605 km²
9818Southland, New Zealand3471,730.1 km²
9822Riverton, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand1,47510.3 km²
9825Edendale, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand6004.139 km²
9831Wyndham, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand5873.278 km²
9840Southland, New Zealand
9841InvercargillSouthland, New Zealand
9842Bluff, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand
9843Southland, New Zealand
9844InvercargillSouthland, New Zealand
9845Myross BushSouthland, New Zealand
9846Oban, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand
9847Riverton, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand
9848Edendale, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand
9849Wyndham, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand
9871Woodlands, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand1,664177.5 km²
9872Mabel BushSouthland, New Zealand1,512310.3 km²
9874Southland, New Zealand1,788245 km²
9875Fortrose, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand720427.2 km²
9876MakarewaSouthland, New Zealand2,411133.8 km²
9877InvercargillSouthland, New Zealand1,860274.5 km²
9879Southland, New Zealand3,70696.6 km²
9881Southland, New Zealand536411.3 km²
9883Southland, New Zealand821266.5 km²
9884Southland, New Zealand464390.8 km²
9891Southland, New Zealand560298.9 km²
9892Wyndham, New ZealandSouthland, New Zealand364408.9 km²
9893Southland, New Zealand800234 km²

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Southland, New Zealand Demographic Information

Population Density2.88 / km²
Male Population48,917 (49.5%)
Female Population49,945 (50.5%)
Median Age39.6
Male Median Age38.8
Female Median Age40.3
Businesses in Southland, New Zealand5,021
Population (1975)74,675
Population (2000)88,732
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +32.4%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +11.4%

Southland, New Zealand

Southland (Māori: Murihiku) is New Zealand's southernmost region. It consists mainly of the southwestern portion of the South Island and Stewart Island / Rakiura. It includes Southland District, Gore District and the city of Invercargill. The region ..  ︎  Southland, New Zealand Wikipedia Page