116 Postal Codes in Wellington Region

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TimezoneNew Zealand Time
Area8,049 km²
Population502,252 (More Details)
Male Population242,425 (48.3%)
Female Population259,825 (51.7%)
Median Age37.1
Postal Codes5010, 5011, 5012 (113 more)
Area Codes3, 4, 6

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
5040 - 5042Lower Hutt4
5240 - 5247Paremata4
5252 - 5255Paraparaumu3
5781 - 5783Martinborough4
5810 - 5881Masterton6
5889 - 5894Tinui2
6140 - 6142, 6146 - 6148Mount Victoria, Wellington6
6143 - 6145Kelburn4
6440 - 6442Newlands2
6441 - 6443Ngaio2

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116 Postal Codes in Wellington Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
5010Avalon, New ZealandWellington Region29,78753.2 km²
5011Taitā, New ZealandWellington Region29,92419.8 km²
5012PetoneWellington Region8,5446.5 km²
5013Wellington Region4,43634.1 km²
5014Homedale, New ZealandWellington Region17,01921.2 km²
5016KorokoroWellington Region2668.2 km²
5018KaitokeWellington Region34,67074.2 km²
5019Stokes ValleyWellington Region17,09222.2 km²
5022ParemataWellington Region11,45432.4 km²
5024Whitby, New ZealandWellington Region35,36029.2 km²
5026PlimmertonWellington Region7,23128.5 km²
5028Wellington Region14,56023.2 km²
5032RaumatiWellington Region27,18776.5 km²
5034PaekakarikiWellington Region1,83328.2 km²
5036WaikanaeWellington Region12,34424.5 km²
5040AlicetownWellington Region
5041Taitā, New ZealandWellington Region
5042Lower HuttWellington Region
5043GracefieldWellington Region
5044NaenaeWellington Region
5045PetoneWellington Region
5046PetoneWellington Region
5047Eastbourne, New ZealandWellington Region
5048Homedale, New ZealandWellington Region
5049Homedale, New ZealandWellington Region
5050MaungarakiWellington Region
5140Kingsley HeightsWellington Region
5141Stokes ValleyWellington Region
5142SilverstreamWellington Region
5143TrenthamWellington Region
5240ParemataWellington Region
5242Wellington Region
5243ParemataWellington Region
5245Whitby, New ZealandWellington Region
5247ParemataWellington Region
5249Wellington Region
5250WaikanaeWellington Region
5252ParaparaumuWellington Region
5254ParaparaumuWellington Region
5255RaumatiWellington Region
5258PaekakarikiWellington Region
5371Upper HuttWellington Region1,992115.9 km²
5372KaitokeWellington Region585259.9 km²
5373Homedale, New ZealandWellington Region1,228360.8 km²
5381PauatahanuiWellington Region1,859189.9 km²
5391ReikorangiWellington Region1,13787.8 km²
5512Otaki, New ZealandWellington Region6,33228.5 km²
5542Otaki, New ZealandWellington Region
5543Otaki, New ZealandWellington Region
5544Te HoroWellington Region
5581Otaki, New ZealandWellington Region1,12531.8 km²
5582Wellington Region1,01882.3 km²
5710Featherston, New ZealandWellington Region2,3906.4 km²
5711MartinboroughWellington Region1,6667.7 km²
5712Greytown, New ZealandWellington Region2,2545.3 km²
5713Carterton, New ZealandWellington Region5,57812.2 km²
5740Featherston, New ZealandWellington Region
5741MartinboroughWellington Region
5742Greytown, New ZealandWellington Region
5743Carterton, New ZealandWellington Region
5771Wellington Region918140.8 km²
5772Wellington Region587548.4 km²
5773Cross CreekWellington Region269188.1 km²
5781MartinboroughWellington Region389219.5 km²
5782WaipawaWellington Region184465 km²
5783MartinboroughWellington Region10715.2 km²
5784Wellington Region236347.5 km²
5791Carterton, New ZealandWellington Region1,611193.4 km²
5792Wellington Region859185.9 km²
5794Greytown, New ZealandWellington Region1,025111.3 km²
5810MastertonWellington Region19,70426.6 km²
5840MastertonWellington Region
5842MastertonWellington Region
5871Bideford, New ZealandWellington Region787325.2 km²
5872Riversdale BeachWellington Region271333.8 km²
5881MastertonWellington Region594133.1 km²
5882Wellington Region435190.6 km²
5883Carterton, New ZealandWellington Region253410.1 km²
5884Gladstone, New ZealandWellington Region585187.6 km²
5885MastertonWellington Region19510.2 km²
5886MastertonWellington Region765130.9 km²
5887Carterton, New ZealandWellington Region47049.8 km²
5888Wellington Region75582 km²
5889TinuiWellington Region422324.7 km²
5890TauweruWellington Region326353.9 km²
5894TinuiWellington Region213299.2 km²
6009GracefieldWellington Region
6010Wellington Region
6011Mount Victoria, WellingtonWellington Region26,9656.8 km²
6012KaroriWellington Region32,57120.8 km²
6021Wellington Region31,87926 km²
6022MiramarWellington Region25,77212.6 km²
6023BerhamporeWellington Region16,81716 km²
6035KhandallahWellington Region18,79713.1 km²
6037OhariuWellington Region31,35471.6 km²
6140Mount Victoria, WellingtonWellington Region
6141Mount Victoria, WellingtonWellington Region
6142Mount Victoria, WellingtonWellington Region
6143Kelburn, New ZealandWellington Region
6144KaiwharawharaWellington Region
6145Kelburn, New ZealandWellington Region
6146Mount Victoria, WellingtonWellington Region
6147KaroriWellington Region
6148Mount Victoria, WellingtonWellington Region
6149WellingtonWellington Region
6150Kelburn, New ZealandWellington Region
6160Kelburn, New ZealandWellington Region
6241Wellington Region
6242BerhamporeWellington Region
6243MiramarWellington Region
6244Wellington Region
6440Newlands, New ZealandWellington Region
6441Ngaio, New ZealandWellington Region
6442Newlands, New ZealandWellington Region
6443Ngaio, New ZealandWellington Region
6972WellingtonWellington Region50791.9 km²

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Wellington Region Demographic Information

Population Density62.4 / km²
Male Population242,425 (48.3%)
Female Population259,825 (51.7%)
Median Age37.1
Male Median Age36.3
Female Median Age37.9
Businesses in Wellington Region30,949
Population (1975)336,721
Population (2000)430,328
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +49.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +16.7%

Wellington Region

Wellington Region (also known as Greater Wellington) is a local government region of New Zealand that occupies the southern end of the North Island. The region covers an area of 8,049 square kilometres (3,108 sq mi), and is home to a population of ..  ︎  Wellington Region Wikipedia Page