125 Postal Codes in Abia (state)

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TimezoneWest Africa Time
Area6,320 km²
Population3.8 million (More Details)
Male Population1,928,997 (50.3%)
Female Population1,907,646 (49.7%)
Median Age21.2
Postal Codes440001, 440101, 440102 (122 more)
Area Codes82, 88

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
440221 - 440236Umuahia9
441113 - 441123Bende, Abia11
442101 - 442107Arochukwu6
442108 - 442115, 453116 - 453119Ohafia11
450101 - 450272Aba, Abia14

125 Postal Codes in Abia (state)

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
440001UmuahiaAbia (state)264,662
440101Abia (state)
440102Abia (state)
440103Abia (state)
440104Abia (state)
440105Abia (state)
440106Abia (state)
440108Abia (state)
440109Abia (state)
440110Abia (state)
440111Abia (state)
440112Abia (state)
440113Abia (state)
440114Abia (state)
440221UmuahiaAbia (state)264,662
440231UmuahiaAbia (state)264,662
440232UmuahiaAbia (state)264,662
440233UmuahiaAbia (state)264,662
440234UmuahiaAbia (state)264,662
440235UmuahiaAbia (state)264,662
440236UmuahiaAbia (state)264,662
441101Abia (state)
441102Abia (state)
441103Abia (state)
441104Abia (state)
441105Abia (state)
441106Abia (state)
441107Abia (state)
441108Abia (state)
441109Abia (state)
441110Abia (state)
441111Abia (state)
441112Abia (state)
441113Bende, AbiaAbia (state)79,618
441114Bende, AbiaAbia (state)79,618
441115Bende, AbiaAbia (state)79,618
441116Bende, AbiaAbia (state)79,618
441117Bende, AbiaAbia (state)79,618
441118Bende, AbiaAbia (state)79,618
441119Bende, AbiaAbia (state)79,618
441120Bende, AbiaAbia (state)79,618
441121Bende, AbiaAbia (state)79,618
441122Bende, AbiaAbia (state)79,618
441123Bende, AbiaAbia (state)79,618
442101ArochukwuAbia (state)10,776
442102Abia (state)
442103ArochukwuAbia (state)10,776
442104ArochukwuAbia (state)10,776
442105ArochukwuAbia (state)10,776
442106ArochukwuAbia (state)10,776
442107ArochukwuAbia (state)10,776
442108OhafiaAbia (state)
442109OhafiaAbia (state)
442110Abia (state)
442111OhafiaAbia (state)
442112OhafiaAbia (state)
442113OhafiaAbia (state)
442114OhafiaAbia (state)
442115OhafiaAbia (state)
450001UmuahiaAbia (state)264,662
450101Aba, AbiaAbia (state)897,560
450102Aba, AbiaAbia (state)897,560
450103Aba, AbiaAbia (state)897,560
450104Aba, AbiaAbia (state)897,560
450211Aba, AbiaAbia (state)897,560
450212Aba, AbiaAbia (state)897,560
450221Aba, AbiaAbia (state)897,560
450241Aba, AbiaAbia (state)897,560
450251Aba, AbiaAbia (state)897,560
450252Aba, AbiaAbia (state)897,560
450261Aba, AbiaAbia (state)897,560
450271Aba, AbiaAbia (state)897,560
450272Aba, AbiaAbia (state)897,560
451101Abia (state)
451102Abia (state)
451103Abia (state)
451104Abia (state)
451105Abia (state)
451106Abia (state)
451107Abia (state)
451108Abia (state)
451109Abia (state)
451110Abia (state)
451111Abia (state)
451112Abia (state)
451113Abia (state)
451114Abia (state)
451115Abia (state)
451116Abia (state)
451117Abia (state)
452101Abia (state)
452102Abia (state)
452103Abia (state)
452104Abia (state)
452105Abia (state)
452106Abia (state)
452107Abia (state)
452108Abia (state)
452109Abia (state)
452110Abia (state)
452111Abia (state)
452112Abia (state)
452113Abia (state)
452114Abia (state)
452115Abia (state)
452116Abia (state)
453101Abia (state)
453102Aba, AbiaAbia (state)897,560
453103Abia (state)
453105Abia (state)
453106Abia (state)
453108Abia (state)
453109Abia (state)
453110Abia (state)
453111Abia (state)
453112Abia (state)
453113Abia (state)
453114Abia (state)
453115Abia (state)
453116OhafiaAbia (state)
453117OhafiaAbia (state)
453118OhafiaAbia (state)
453119OhafiaAbia (state)
453120Abia (state)
491105IshiaguAbia (state)

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Abia (state) Demographic Information

Population3.8 million
Population Density607.1 / km²
Male Population1,928,997 (50.3%)
Female Population1,907,646 (49.7%)
Median Age21.2
Male Median Age20.8
Female Median Age21.6
Businesses in Abia (state)1,625
Population (1975)1,436,834
Population (2000)2,620,705
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +167%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +46.4%

Abia (state)

Abia is a state in the south eastern part of Nigeria. The capital is Umuahia and the major commercial city is Aba. The commercial hub, Aba was formerly a British colonial government outpost in the region. Abia state was created in 1991 from part of I..  ︎  Abia (state) Wikipedia Page