113 Postal Codes in Adamawa (state)

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TimezoneWest Africa Time
Area36,917 km²
Population4.3 million (More Details)
Male Population2,166,633 (50.6%)
Female Population2,114,316 (49.4%)
Median Age17.5
Postal Codes640101, 640102, 640103 (110 more)
Area Code75

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
640103 - 640109Fufore7
640211 - 640284Jimeta9
641101 - 641103Mayo Belwa5
641107 - 641109, 641122 - 641127Jada9
641110 - 641113, 642114 - 642116Ganye7
642102 - 642110Demsa7
643102 - 643106Numan8
650107 - 650111Hong4
650211 - 650272Mubi9
651110 - 651112Madagali4
652102 - 652106Song4

113 Postal Codes in Adamawa (state)

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
640101Adamawa (state)
640102Adamawa (state)
640103FuforeAdamawa (state)
640104FuforeAdamawa (state)
640105FuforeAdamawa (state)
640106FuforeAdamawa (state)
640107FuforeAdamawa (state)
640108FuforeAdamawa (state)
640109FuforeAdamawa (state)
640211JimetaAdamawa (state)248,148
640212JimetaAdamawa (state)248,148
640221JimetaAdamawa (state)248,148
640230Yola, NigeriaAdamawa (state)96,006
640231Yola, NigeriaAdamawa (state)96,006
640261JimetaAdamawa (state)248,148
640271JimetaAdamawa (state)248,148
640281JimetaAdamawa (state)248,148
640282JimetaAdamawa (state)248,148
640283JimetaAdamawa (state)248,148
640284JimetaAdamawa (state)248,148
641101Mayo BelwaAdamawa (state)6,304
641102Mayo BelwaAdamawa (state)6,304
641103Mayo BelwaAdamawa (state)6,304
641106Adamawa (state)
641107Jada, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
641108Jada, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
641109Jada, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
641110GanyeAdamawa (state)15,178
641111GanyeAdamawa (state)15,178
641112GanyeAdamawa (state)15,178
641113GanyeAdamawa (state)15,178
641117Adamawa (state)
641118Adamawa (state)
641119Adamawa (state)
641122Jada, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
641123Jada, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
641124Jada, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
641125Jada, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
641126Jada, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
641127Jada, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
642101Numan, NigeriaAdamawa (state)77,617
642102DemsaAdamawa (state)
642103DemsaAdamawa (state)
642104Adamawa (state)
642105DemsaAdamawa (state)
642107DemsaAdamawa (state)
642108DemsaAdamawa (state)
642109DemsaAdamawa (state)
642110DemsaAdamawa (state)
642111Numan, NigeriaAdamawa (state)77,617
642112Numan, NigeriaAdamawa (state)77,617
642113Adamawa (state)
642114GanyeAdamawa (state)15,178
642115GanyeAdamawa (state)15,178
642116GanyeAdamawa (state)15,178
642117Adamawa (state)
642120Mayo BelwaAdamawa (state)6,304
642121Mayo BelwaAdamawa (state)6,304
643101Guyuk, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
643102Numan, NigeriaAdamawa (state)77,617
643103Numan, NigeriaAdamawa (state)77,617
643104Numan, NigeriaAdamawa (state)77,617
643105Numan, NigeriaAdamawa (state)77,617
643106Numan, NigeriaAdamawa (state)77,617
643107Adamawa (state)
643108Adamawa (state)
643109Adamawa (state)
643110Adamawa (state)
643111Adamawa (state)
643112Adamawa (state)
650101Adamawa (state)
650102Adamawa (state)
650104Adamawa (state)
650105Adamawa (state)
650106Adamawa (state)
650107Hong, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
650108Hong, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
650109Hong, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
650110Adamawa (state)
650111Hong, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
650112Adamawa (state)
650113Adamawa (state)
650115Adamawa (state)
650211MubiAdamawa (state)225,705
650212MubiAdamawa (state)225,705
650221MubiAdamawa (state)225,705
650231MubiAdamawa (state)225,705
650232MubiAdamawa (state)225,705
650241MubiAdamawa (state)225,705
650251MubiAdamawa (state)225,705
650261MubiAdamawa (state)225,705
650272MubiAdamawa (state)225,705
651102MadagaliAdamawa (state)12,919
651103Adamawa (state)
651104Adamawa (state)
651105Adamawa (state)
651106Adamawa (state)
651107Adamawa (state)
651110MadagaliAdamawa (state)12,919
651111MadagaliAdamawa (state)12,919
651112MadagaliAdamawa (state)12,919
651113Adamawa (state)
652101Adamawa (state)
652102Song, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
652103Song, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
652104Song, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
652105Adamawa (state)
652106Song, NigeriaAdamawa (state)
652107Adamawa (state)
652108Adamawa (state)
652109Adamawa (state)
657101MichikaAdamawa (state)
657108Adamawa (state)

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Adamawa (state) Demographic Information

Population4.3 million
Population Density116.0 / km²
Male Population2,166,633 (50.6%)
Female Population2,114,316 (49.4%)
Median Age17.5
Male Median Age17.2
Female Median Age17.9
Businesses in Adamawa (state)513
Population (1975)1,689,413
Population (2000)3,031,757
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +153.4%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +41.2%

Adamawa (state)

Adamawa is a state in northeastern Nigeria, with its capital at Yola. It was formed in 1991 from part of Gongola State with four administrative divisions namely: Adamawa, Ganye, Mubi and Numan. It is also the home of the American University of Nigeri..  ︎  Adamawa (state) Wikipedia Page