74 Postal Codes in Bauchi State

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TimezoneWest Africa Time
Area49,119 km²
Population6.0 million (More Details)
Male Population3,053,916 (50.9%)
Female Population2,946,366 (49.1%)
Median Age16
Postal Codes740101, 740102, 740103 (71 more)
Area Codes71, 77

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
740211 - 740281Bauchi15
750106 - 750116Darazo9
751106 - 751110Jemma5

74 Postal Codes in Bauchi State

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
740101BauchiBauchi State316,149
740102BauchiBauchi State316,149
740103Bauchi State
740104Bauchi State
740105LameBauchi State6,705
740106Bauchi State
740107Bauchi State
740108Bauchi State
740109Bauchi State
740110Bauchi State
740111Bauchi State
740112Bauchi State
740113Bauchi State
740114Bauchi State
740115Bauchi State
740116Bauchi State
740117Bauchi State
740118Bauchi State
740211BauchiBauchi State316,149
740212BauchiBauchi State316,149
740213BauchiBauchi State316,149
740221BauchiBauchi State316,149
740222BauchiBauchi State316,149
740231BauchiBauchi State316,149
740241BauchiBauchi State316,149
740251BauchiBauchi State316,149
740261BauchiBauchi State316,149
740262BauchiBauchi State316,149
740271BauchiBauchi State316,149
740272BauchiBauchi State316,149
740281BauchiBauchi State316,149
741101DassBauchi State7,417
741102Bauchi State
741103Bauchi State
741104Bauchi State
742101Bauchi State
742102Bauchi State
742103WarjiBauchi State
742104Bauchi State
743101Bauchi State
743102Bauchi State
743103Bauchi State
743104Bauchi State
750101MisauBauchi State13,957
750102Bauchi State
750103Bauchi State
750104Bauchi State
750105GiadeBauchi State
750106DarazoBauchi State18,415
750107Bauchi State
750108DarazoBauchi State18,415
750109DarazoBauchi State18,415
750110DarazoBauchi State18,415
750111DarazoBauchi State18,415
750112DarazoBauchi State18,415
750113Bauchi State
750114DarazoBauchi State18,415
750115DarazoBauchi State18,415
750116DarazoBauchi State18,415
751101Bauchi State
751102Bauchi State
751104GiadeBauchi State
751105Itas/GadauBauchi State
751106JemmaBauchi State
751107JemmaBauchi State
751108JemmaBauchi State
751109JemmaBauchi State
751110JemmaBauchi State
752101Yanda BayoBauchi State5,927
752102Bauchi State
752103Bauchi State
752105Bauchi State
752106GamawaBauchi State13,549
752107GamawaBauchi State13,549

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Bauchi State Demographic Information

Population6.0 million
Population Density122.2 / km²
Male Population3,053,916 (50.9%)
Female Population2,946,366 (49.1%)
Median Age16
Male Median Age15.3
Female Median Age16.7
Businesses in Bauchi State624
Population (1975)2,008,531
Population (2000)4,025,137
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +198.7%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +49.1%

Bauchi State

Bauchi, usually referred to as Bauchi State to distinguish it from the city of Bauchi, is a state in northern Nigeria. Its capital is the city of Bauchi. The state was formed in 1976 when the former North-Eastern State was broken up. It originally in..  ︎  Bauchi State Wikipedia Page