98 Postal Codes in Benué (state)

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TimezoneWest Africa Time
Area3,459 km²
Population5.3 million (More Details)
Male Population2,670,991 (50.4%)
Female Population2,628,247 (49.6%)
Median Age16.8
Postal Codes970001, 970101, 970102 (95 more)
Area Code44

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
970211 - 970261, 972211 - 972221Makurdi13
972101 - 972106Ochobo5
973101 - 973106Okpokwu5
981103 - 981113Gando11

98 Postal Codes in Benué (state)

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
970001Benué (state)
970101MakurdiBenué (state)292,645
970102Benué (state)
970103Benué (state)
970104Benué (state)
970105Benué (state)
970211MakurdiBenué (state)292,645
970212MakurdiBenué (state)292,645
970213MakurdiBenué (state)292,645
970221MakurdiBenué (state)292,645
970222GbokoBenué (state)
970231MakurdiBenué (state)292,645
970251MakurdiBenué (state)292,645
970261MakurdiBenué (state)292,645
971101Benué (state)
971102Benué (state)
971103Benué (state)
971104Benué (state)
971105Benué (state)
971106Benué (state)
971107Benué (state)
971108Benué (state)
971109Benué (state)
971110Benué (state)
972101OchoboBenué (state)8,567
972103OchoboBenué (state)8,567
972104OchoboBenué (state)8,567
972105OchoboBenué (state)8,567
972106OchoboBenué (state)8,567
972107Benué (state)
972108Benué (state)
972211MakurdiBenué (state)292,645
972212Benué (state)
972213MakurdiBenué (state)292,645
972214Benué (state)
972221MakurdiBenué (state)292,645
972222Benué (state)
972223Benué (state)
972224Benué (state)
972231Benué (state)
972232Benué (state)
972233Benué (state)
972241Benué (state)
972242Benué (state)
972251MakurdiBenué (state)292,645
972252Benué (state)
972261Benué (state)
972281MakurdiBenué (state)292,645
973101OkpokwuBenué (state)
973102OkpokwuBenué (state)
973103OkpokwuBenué (state)
973104OkpokwuBenué (state)
973105Benué (state)
973106OkpokwuBenué (state)
973107IgumaleBenué (state)
973108Benué (state)
973109Benué (state)
973110Benué (state)
980101Benué (state)
980102Benué (state)
980103Benué (state)
980104Benué (state)
980105Benué (state)
980106Benué (state)
980107Benué (state)
980108Benué (state)
980109Benué (state)
980110Benué (state)
981101GbokoBenué (state)
981102YandevBenué (state)
981103GandoBenué (state)
981104GandoBenué (state)
981105GandoBenué (state)
981106GandoBenué (state)
981107GandoBenué (state)
981108GandoBenué (state)
981109GandoBenué (state)
981110GandoBenué (state)
981111GandoBenué (state)
981112GandoBenué (state)
981113GandoBenué (state)
981114Benué (state)
981115Benué (state)
981116Benué (state)
981117Benué (state)
981118Benué (state)
982101Benué (state)
982102Benué (state)
982103Benué (state)
982104Benué (state)
982105Benué (state)
982106Benué (state)
982107Benué (state)
982108Benué (state)
982109Benué (state)
982110Benué (state)
982111Benué (state)
982112Benué (state)

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Benué (state) Demographic Information

Population5.3 million
Population Density1,532 / km²
Male Population2,670,991 (50.4%)
Female Population2,628,247 (49.6%)
Median Age16.8
Male Median Age16.4
Female Median Age17.3
Businesses in Benué (state)691
Population (1975)1,969,060
Population (2000)3,682,114
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +169.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +43.9%

Benué (state)

Benué is a state in the mid-belt region of Nigeria with a population of about 4,253,641 in 2006 census. It is inhabited predominantly by the Tiv and Idoma peoples, who speak the Tiv language and Idoma, respectively. There are other ethnic groups, inc..  ︎  Benué (state) Wikipedia Page