83 Postal Codes in Borno State

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TimezoneWest Africa Time
Area9,298 km²
Population5.5 million (More Details)
Male Population2,836,482 (51.9%)
Female Population2,629,617 (48.1%)
Median Age16.8
Postal Codes600104, 600211, 600212 (80 more)
Area Code76

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
600211 - 601004Maiduguri24

83 Postal Codes in Borno State

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
600104Borno State
600211MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600212MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600213MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600214MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600215MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600221MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600222MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600223MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600230MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600231MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600233MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600235MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600241MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600242MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600243MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600244MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600251MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600252MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600253MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600271MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600273MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600281MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
600282MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
601004MaiduguriBorno State1,112,449
601101DamboaBorno State21,571
601102ChibokBorno State
601103Borno State
601105Borno State
601106DamboaBorno State21,571
601107Borno State
602101Borno State
602102GubioBorno State
602103Borno State
602104MagumeriBorno State19,363
603101Biu, NigeriaBorno State95,005
603102Biu, NigeriaBorno State95,005
603103Kogu, BiuBorno State
603104Borno State
603105Borno State
603106ShaffaBorno State6,508
603107ShaniBorno State14,305
603108Biu, NigeriaBorno State95,005
603109Biu, NigeriaBorno State95,005
603110ShaniBorno State14,305
603111ShaniBorno State14,305
603112Borno State
603211Biu, NigeriaBorno State95,005
603221Biu, NigeriaBorno State95,005
610101Borno State
610102Borno State
610103Borno State
610104KondugaBorno State13,400
610106GwozaBorno State15,176
610107Borno State
610108Borno State
610109Borno State
610110Borno State
610111KondugaBorno State13,400
610211Borno State
610212Borno State
610213Borno State
610221Borno State
610222Borno State
610223Borno State
610231Borno State
610241Borno State
610242Borno State
610251Borno State
611101DikwaBorno State29,026
611102Borno State
611103Borno State
611104Borno State
611105MarteBorno State15,707
611106DikwaBorno State29,026
611107Borno State
612101Borno State
612102KukawaBorno State16,077
612103Borno State
612104Borno State
761101Borno State
761102Borno State
761107Borno State

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Borno State Demographic Information

Population5.5 million
Population Density587.9 / km²
Male Population2,836,482 (51.9%)
Female Population2,629,617 (48.1%)
Median Age16.8
Male Median Age16.4
Female Median Age17.3
Businesses in Borno State554
Population (1975)1,671,531
Population (2000)3,526,572
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +227%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +55%

Borno State

Borno, also known as Borno State, is a state in north-eastern Nigeria. Its capital is Maiduguri. The state was formed in 1976 from the split of the North-Eastern State. Until 1991 it contained what is now Yobe State.   ︎  Borno State Wikipedia Page