152 Postal Codes in Delta State

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TimezoneWest Africa Time
Area17,698 km²
Population5.4 million (More Details)
Male Population2,717,272 (50.4%)
Female Population2,679,125 (49.6%)
Median Age20.5
Postal Codes234046, 320102, 320103 (149 more)
Area Codes53, 54, 55 (1 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
320211 - 320241Asaba City9
321211 - 321281Agbor5
331107 - 331262Sapele, Delta11
332211 - 332281Warri8
333105 - 333111Ughelli7

152 Postal Codes in Delta State

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
234046Asaba CityDelta State73,374
320102Delta State
320103Delta State
320104Delta State
320105Delta State
320106Delta State
320107Delta State
320108Delta State
320109Delta State
320110Issele UkwuDelta State
320111Delta State
320112Delta State
320211Asaba CityDelta State73,374
320212Asaba CityDelta State73,374
320213Asaba CityDelta State73,374
320221Asaba CityDelta State73,374
320231Asaba CityDelta State73,374
320232Asaba CityDelta State73,374
320233Asaba CityDelta State73,374
320241Asaba CityDelta State73,374
320242Delta State
321101Delta State
321102Delta State
321103AgborDelta State
321104Delta State
321105Delta State
321106Delta State
321107UmunedeDelta State8,331
321108Delta State
321109Delta State
321110Delta State
321111Delta State
321112Delta State
321113IgbodoDelta State
321211AgborDelta State
321251AgborDelta State
321271AgborDelta State
321281AgborDelta State
322101Delta State
322102Delta State
322103Delta State
322104Delta State
322105Delta State
322106Delta State
322107Delta State
322108Delta State
322109Delta State
322110Delta State
322111Delta State
322112ObiarukuDelta State11,936
322113Delta State
322114Delta State
322115Delta State
322116AbohDelta State
322117Delta State
322118Delta State
322120Delta State
322121Delta State
322122Delta State
322123Delta State
322124Delta State
322125Delta State
322126Delta State
322127Delta State
322128Delta State
322129Delta State
322130Delta State
322131Delta State
322132Delta State
322133Delta State
322134Delta State
322135Delta State
322136Delta State
322137Delta State
330101OrerokpeDelta State5,893
330102Delta State
330103Delta State
330104Delta State
330105Delta State
330106AbrakaDelta State6,940
331004Delta State
331101Delta State
331102Delta State
331103Delta State
331104Delta State
331105Delta State
331106Delta State
331107Sapele, DeltaDelta State161,686
331108Sapele, DeltaDelta State161,686
331109Sapele, DeltaDelta State161,686
331211Sapele, DeltaDelta State161,686
331212Sapele, DeltaDelta State161,686
331221Sapele, DeltaDelta State161,686
331222Sapele, DeltaDelta State161,686
331241Sapele, DeltaDelta State161,686
331242Sapele, DeltaDelta State161,686
331261Sapele, DeltaDelta State161,686
331262Sapele, DeltaDelta State161,686
332101Delta State
332102Delta State
332104Delta State
332105Delta State
332106Delta State
332107Delta State
332108Delta State
332109Delta State
332110Delta State
332111Delta State
332112Delta State
332211WarriDelta State536,023
332212WarriDelta State536,023
332213WarriDelta State536,023
332231WarriDelta State536,023
332232WarriDelta State536,023
332233WarriDelta State536,023
332271WarriDelta State536,023
332281WarriDelta State536,023
333101BomadiDelta State8,402
333102BomadiDelta State8,402
333103PataniDelta State7,327
333104PataniDelta State7,327
333105UghelliDelta State79,986
333106OgharaDelta State
333107UghelliDelta State79,986
333108UghelliDelta State79,986
333109UghelliDelta State79,986
333110UghelliDelta State79,986
333111UghelliDelta State79,986
333112Delta State
333113Delta State
333114Delta State
333115Delta State
333116Delta State
333117Delta State
334101Delta State
334102Delta State
334103Delta State
334104Delta State
334105Delta State
334106Delta State
334107Delta State
334108Delta State
334109Delta State
334110Delta State
334111OzoroDelta State
334112Delta State
334113Delta State
334114Delta State
334115Delta State
334116Delta State
334117Delta State
334118Delta State

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Delta State Demographic Information

Population5.4 million
Population Density304.9 / km²
Male Population2,717,272 (50.4%)
Female Population2,679,125 (49.6%)
Median Age20.5
Male Median Age20
Female Median Age21.1
Businesses in Delta State2,521
Population (1975)1,876,663
Population (2000)3,632,108
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +187.6%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +48.6%

Delta State

Delta or Delta State is an oil and agricultural producing state of Nigeria, situated in the region known as the South-South geo-political zone with a population of 4,098,291 (males: 2,674,306; females: 2,024,085). Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the former Fede..  ︎  Delta State Wikipedia Page