247 Postal Codes in Imo (state)

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TimezoneWest Africa Time
Area5,530 km²
Population5.0 million (More Details)
Male Population2,537,552 (50.3%)
Female Population2,504,266 (49.7%)
Median Age21
Postal Codes460001, 460102, 460103 (244 more)
Area Code83

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
460118 - 460133Umukabia12
460221 - 460242Owerri4
464101 - 464109Oguta9
470101 - 470106, 470211 - 470283Okigwe12
471115 - 471119Nkwerre5
473101 - 473281Orlu23
474121 - 474128Uburu Ekwe5

247 Postal Codes in Imo (state)

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
460001OwerriImo (state)215,038
460102Imo (state)
460103Imo (state)
460104Imo (state)
460105Imo (state)
460106Imo (state)
460107Imo (state)
460108Imo (state)
460109AwakaImo (state)
460111Emii, ImoImo (state)
460112Naze, ImoImo (state)
460113NekedeImo (state)
460114IhiagwaImo (state)
460115ObinzeImo (state)
460116Imo (state)
460117Imo (state)
460118UmukabiaImo (state)
460119UmukabiaImo (state)
460120UmukabiaImo (state)
460125UmukabiaImo (state)
460126UmukabiaImo (state)
460127UmukabiaImo (state)
460128UmukabiaImo (state)
460129UmukabiaImo (state)
460130UmukabiaImo (state)
460131UmukabiaImo (state)
460132UmukabiaImo (state)
460133UmukabiaImo (state)
460221OwerriImo (state)215,038
460232Imo (state)
460241OwerriImo (state)215,038
460242OwerriImo (state)215,038
461102Imo (state)
461103Imo (state)
461104Imo (state)
461105Imo (state)
461106Imo (state)
461107Imo (state)
461108Imo (state)
461109Imo (state)
461110Imo (state)
461111Imo (state)
461112Imo (state)
461114Imo (state)
461115Imo (state)
461116Imo (state)
461117Imo (state)
461118Imo (state)
461119UmunohaImo (state)
461120OrodoImo (state)8,527
461121Ihitte OgwaImo (state)
461122Imo (state)
462101Imo (state)
462102Imo (state)
462103Imo (state)
462104Imo (state)
462105Imo (state)
462106Imo (state)
462107Imo (state)
462108Imo (state)
462109Imo (state)
462110Imo (state)
462111Imo (state)
462112Imo (state)
462113Imo (state)
462114Imo (state)
462115Imo (state)
462116Imo (state)
462122Imo (state)
462123Imo (state)
462124Imo (state)
463101Imo (state)
463103Imo (state)
463104Imo (state)
463105Imo (state)
463106Imo (state)
463107Imo (state)
463108Imo (state)
463109Imo (state)
463110Imo (state)
463111Imo (state)
463112Imo (state)
463113Imo (state)
463114Imo (state)
463115Imo (state)
463116Imo (state)
463117Imo (state)
463118Imo (state)
463119Imo (state)
463120Imo (state)
463121Imo (state)
463122Imo (state)
464101OgutaImo (state)21,639
464102OgutaImo (state)21,639
464103OgutaImo (state)21,639
464104OgutaImo (state)21,639
464105OgutaImo (state)21,639
464106OgutaImo (state)21,639
464107OgutaImo (state)21,639
464108OgutaImo (state)21,639
464109OgutaImo (state)21,639
464110Oguta IIImo (state)
464111Imo (state)
464112Imo (state)
464113Imo (state)
464114AmaforImo (state)
464115Imo (state)
464116Imo (state)
464117Imo (state)
464118Imo (state)
464119Imo (state)
470101OkigweImo (state)115,499
470102OkigweImo (state)115,499
470103OkigweImo (state)115,499
470104OkigweImo (state)115,499
470105OkigweImo (state)115,499
470106OkigweImo (state)115,499
470107Imo (state)
470108Imo (state)
470109Imo (state)
470110Imo (state)
470211OkigweImo (state)115,499
470212OkigweImo (state)115,499
470213OkigweImo (state)115,499
470281OkigweImo (state)115,499
470282OkigweImo (state)115,499
470283OkigweImo (state)115,499
471101Imo (state)
471102Imo (state)
471103Imo (state)
471104Imo (state)
471105Imo (state)
471106Imo (state)
471107Imo (state)
471108Imo (state)
471109Imo (state)
471110Imo (state)
471111Imo (state)
471112Imo (state)
471113Imo (state)
471114Imo (state)
471115NkwerreImo (state)62,973
471116NkwerreImo (state)62,973
471117NkwerreImo (state)62,973
471118NkwerreImo (state)62,973
471119NkwerreImo (state)62,973
471121Imo (state)
471122Imo (state)
471123Imo (state)
471124Imo (state)
471125Imo (state)
472101Imo (state)
472102Imo (state)
472103Imo (state)
472104Imo (state)
472105Imo (state)
472106Imo (state)
472107Imo (state)
472108Imo (state)
472109Imo (state)
472110Imo (state)
472111Imo (state)
472112Imo (state)
472113Imo (state)
472116Imo (state)
472117Imo (state)
472118Imo (state)
472119Imo (state)
472120Imo (state)
472121Imo (state)
472122Imo (state)
472123Imo (state)
472124Imo (state)
473101OrluImo (state)9,351
473102OrluImo (state)9,351
473103OrluImo (state)9,351
473104OrluImo (state)9,351
473105Imo (state)
473106OrluImo (state)9,351
473107OrluImo (state)9,351
473108OrluImo (state)9,351
473109OrluImo (state)9,351
473110OrluImo (state)9,351
473111OrluImo (state)9,351
473112OrluImo (state)9,351
473113Imo (state)
473114OrluImo (state)9,351
473115Imo (state)
473116Imo (state)
473117OrluImo (state)9,351
473118OrluImo (state)9,351
473119OrluImo (state)9,351
473120OrluImo (state)9,351
473121Imo (state)
473122Imo (state)
473123Imo (state)
473124OrluImo (state)9,351
473212OrluImo (state)9,351
473221OrluImo (state)9,351
473241OrluImo (state)9,351
473251OrluImo (state)9,351
473271OrluImo (state)9,351
473281OrluImo (state)9,351
474101Imo (state)
474102Imo (state)
474103Imo (state)
474104Imo (state)
474105Imo (state)
474106Imo (state)
474107Imo (state)
474108Imo (state)
474109Imo (state)
474110Imo (state)
474111Imo (state)
474112Imo (state)
474113Imo (state)
474114Imo (state)
474115Imo (state)
474116Imo (state)
474117Imo (state)
474118Imo (state)
474119Imo (state)
474120Imo (state)
474121Uburu EkweImo (state)
474122Imo (state)
474123Uburu EkweImo (state)
474124Uburu EkweImo (state)
474125Imo (state)
474127Uburu EkweImo (state)
474128Uburu EkweImo (state)
475101Imo (state)
475102Imo (state)
475103Imo (state)
475104Imo (state)
475105Imo (state)
475106Imo (state)
475107Imo (state)
475108Imo (state)
475109Imo (state)
475110Imo (state)
475111Imo (state)
475112Imo (state)
475113Imo (state)
475118Imo (state)
475120Imo (state)
475121Imo (state)
475122Imo (state)

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Imo (state) Demographic Information

Population5.0 million
Population Density911.7 / km²
Male Population2,537,552 (50.3%)
Female Population2,504,266 (49.7%)
Median Age21
Male Median Age20.4
Female Median Age21.6
Businesses in Imo (state)1,593
Population (1975)1,749,125
Population (2000)3,417,260
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +188.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +47.5%

Imo (state)

Imo is one of the 36 states of Nigeria and lies in the South East of Nigeria with Owerri as its capital and largest city. Located in the south-eastern region of Nigeria, it occupies the area between the lower River Niger and the upper and middle Imo ..  ︎  Imo (state) Wikipedia Page