61 Postal Codes in Niger State

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TimezoneWest Africa Time
Area76,363 km²
Population5.1 million (More Details)
Male Population2,604,869 (50.6%)
Female Population2,538,306 (49.4%)
Median Age16.5
Postal Codes870105, 870106, 910101 (58 more)
Area Codes33, 66, 67

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
911101 - 911103Lapai3
912211 - 912241Bida7
920211 - 920282Minna15
922102 - 922104Kagara3

61 Postal Codes in Niger State

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
870105Niger State
870106Niger State
910101SulejaNiger State162,135
910102Niger State
910103Niger State
911101LapaiNiger State16,442
911102LapaiNiger State16,442
911103LapaiNiger State16,442
911104AgaieNiger State11,742
911105AgaieNiger State11,742
912101BidaNiger State171,656
912102Niger State
912103Niger State
912104BadeggiNiger State8,283
912105Niger State
912211BidaNiger State171,656
912212BidaNiger State171,656
912221BidaNiger State171,656
912231BidaNiger State171,656
912232BidaNiger State171,656
912241BidaNiger State171,656
913101Niger State
913102Niger State
913103MokwaNiger State21,128
913104MokwaNiger State21,128
913106BabanaNiger State17,617
920101MinnaNiger State291,905
920102Niger State
920103Niger State
920104Niger State
920211MinnaNiger State291,905
920212MinnaNiger State291,905
920221MinnaNiger State291,905
920222MinnaNiger State291,905
920231MinnaNiger State291,905
920232MinnaNiger State291,905
920241MinnaNiger State291,905
920242MinnaNiger State291,905
920252MinnaNiger State291,905
920262MinnaNiger State291,905
920271MinnaNiger State291,905
920272MinnaNiger State291,905
920281MinnaNiger State291,905
920282MinnaNiger State291,905
921101Niger State
921102ShiroroNiger State
921103Niger State
922101TeginaNiger State24,037
922102Kagara, Niger StateNiger State
922103Kagara, Niger StateNiger State
922104Kagara, Niger StateNiger State
922105Niger State
922106Niger State
922107Niger State
923101KontagoraNiger State98,754
923102Niger State
923103Niger State
923104RijauNiger State16,613
923105Niger State
923106AunaNiger State8,590
923107Niger State

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Niger State Demographic Information

Population5.1 million
Population Density67.4 / km²
Male Population2,604,869 (50.6%)
Female Population2,538,306 (49.4%)
Median Age16.5
Male Median Age16.2
Female Median Age16.9
Businesses in Niger State619
Population (1975)1,628,088
Population (2000)3,348,762
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +215.9%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +53.6%

Niger State

Niger or Niger State is a state in Central Nigeria and the largest state in the country. The state capital is Minna, and other major cities are Bida, Kontagora, and Suleja. It was formed in 1976 when the then North-Western State was bifurcated into N..  ︎  Niger State Wikipedia Page