109 Postal Codes in Ondo State

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TimezoneWest Africa Time
Area1,500 km²
Population4.5 million (More Details)
Male Population2,269,263 (50.4%)
Female Population2,230,872 (49.6%)
Median Age20.3
Postal Codes220251, 230976, 231103 (106 more)
Area Codes34, 50, 51 (1 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
340110 - 340113Ilare4
340211 - 340284Akure21
341101 - 341108Owo, Ondo7
350108 - 350113Okitipupa6

109 Postal Codes in Ondo State

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
220251Ondo CityOndo State257,005
230976AkureOndo State420,594
231103Ondo State
233110Ondo State
233111Ondo State
233112Ondo State
233113Ondo State
234034AkureOndo State420,594
340001AkureOndo State420,594
340002AkureOndo State420,594
340102Ondo State
340107Ondo State
340108Ondo State
340109Ondo State
340110IlareOndo State7,685
340111IlareOndo State7,685
340112IlareOndo State7,685
340113IlareOndo State7,685
340211AkureOndo State420,594
340212AkureOndo State420,594
340213AkureOndo State420,594
340214AkureOndo State420,594
340221AkureOndo State420,594
340222AkureOndo State420,594
340223AkureOndo State420,594
340231AkureOndo State420,594
340232AkureOndo State420,594
340241AkureOndo State420,594
340251AkureOndo State420,594
340252AkureOndo State420,594
340271AkureOndo State420,594
340281AkureOndo State420,594
340282AkureOndo State420,594
340283AkureOndo State420,594
340284AkureOndo State420,594
341101Owo, OndoOndo State276,574
341102Owo, OndoOndo State276,574
341103Ondo State
341104Owo, OndoOndo State276,574
341105Owo, OndoOndo State276,574
341106Owo, OndoOndo State276,574
341107Owo, OndoOndo State276,574
341108Owo, OndoOndo State276,574
341109IfonOndo State7,623
341110Ondo State
341111Ondo State
341112Ondo State
341113Ondo State
341114Ondo State
341115IdoaniOndo State
341116Ondo State
341117Ondo State
341118Ondo State
341119Ondo State
342106Ondo State
342107Ondo State
342108Ondo State
342109Ondo State
342110Ondo State
342111Ondo State
342113Ondo State
342115Ondo State
342116Ondo State
342117Ondo State
342211IkareOndo State
342224IkareOndo State
342231IkareOndo State
350101Ondo State
350102Ondo State
350103Ondo State
350104OkitipupaOndo State
350105OkitipupaOndo State
350106Ondo State
350107Ondo State
350108OkitipupaOndo State
350109OkitipupaOndo State
350110Ondo State
350112OkitipupaOndo State
350113OkitipupaOndo State
351101Ondo CityOndo State257,005
351102Ondo CityOndo State257,005
351103Ondo State
351104Ondo State
351105Ondo State
351106Ondo State
351107Ondo State
351108Ondo State
351109Ondo State
351110Ondo State
351111Ondo State
352101Ondo State
352102Ondo State
352103Ondo State
352104Ondo State
352106Ondo State
352107Ondo State
352108Ondo State
352109Ondo State
352110Ondo State
352111Ondo State
352112Ondo State
352114Ondo State
352115Ondo State
352116Ondo State
352117Ondo State
352118Ondo State
352119Ondo State
352120Ondo State
361251Ondo State

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Ondo State Demographic Information

Population4.5 million
Population Density3,000 / km²
Male Population2,269,263 (50.4%)
Female Population2,230,872 (49.6%)
Median Age20.3
Male Median Age19.7
Female Median Age21
Businesses in Ondo State2,433
Population (1975)1,641,956
Population (2000)3,114,870
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +174.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +44.5%

Ondo State

Ondo or Ondo State is a state in Nigeria created on 3 February 1976 from the former Western State. It originally included what is now Ekiti State, which was split off in 1996. Akure is the state capital. Each state in Nigeria have different ministeri..  ︎  Ondo State Wikipedia Page