152 Postal Codes in Osun (state)

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TimezoneWest Africa Time
Area9,251 km²
Population4.3 million (More Details)
Male Population2,202,790 (50.7%)
Female Population2,137,880 (49.3%)
Median Age20.7
Postal Codes220101, 220102, 220103 (149 more)
Area Codes35, 36

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
220252 - 220266Modakeke12
230211 - 230284Osogbo15
231116 - 231119Ota, Ogun4
232116 - 232119Ejigbo4
233211 - 233285Ilesa33

152 Postal Codes in Osun (state)

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
220101Osun (state)
220102Osun (state)
220103Osun (state)
220104Osun (state)
220105Osun (state)
220106Osun (state)
220107Osun (state)
220108Osun (state)
220109Osun (state)
220110Osun (state)
220111Osun (state)
220112Osun (state)
220113Osun (state)
220114Osun (state)
220115Osun (state)
220211Osun (state)
220212Osun (state)
220213Osun (state)
220221Osun (state)
220222Osun (state)
220231Osun (state)
220241Osun (state)
220242IfeOsun (state)
220252ModakekeOsun (state)119,529
220253ModakekeOsun (state)119,529
220254ModakekeOsun (state)119,529
220255ModakekeOsun (state)119,529
220256ModakekeOsun (state)119,529
220257ModakekeOsun (state)119,529
220261ModakekeOsun (state)119,529
220262ModakekeOsun (state)119,529
220263ModakekeOsun (state)119,529
220264ModakekeOsun (state)119,529
220265ModakekeOsun (state)119,529
220266ModakekeOsun (state)119,529
220271Osun (state)
220272Osun (state)
220282Osun (state)
221101GbonganOsun (state)139,485
221102Osun (state)
221103Osun (state)
221104IkireOsun (state)222,160
221105ApomuOsun (state)71,656
221106Osun (state)
230001Osun (state)
230102Osun (state)
230103IlobuOsun (state)118,089
230104IlobuOsun (state)118,089
230105Osun (state)
230211OsogboOsun (state)156,694
230212OsogboOsun (state)156,694
230221OsogboOsun (state)156,694
230222OsogboOsun (state)156,694
230231OsogboOsun (state)156,694
230232OsogboOsun (state)156,694
230261OsogboOsun (state)156,694
230262OsogboOsun (state)156,694
230263OsogboOsun (state)156,694
230271OsogboOsun (state)156,694
230281OsogboOsun (state)156,694
230282OsogboOsun (state)156,694
230283OsogboOsun (state)156,694
230284OsogboOsun (state)156,694
231101Osun (state)
231105Osun (state)
231108IkirunOsun (state)134,240
231109Osun (state)
231110Osun (state)
231111Osun (state)
231112Osun (state)
231113Osun (state)
231114Osun (state)
231115Osun (state)
231116Ota, OgunOsun (state)37,783
231117Ota, OgunOsun (state)37,783
231118Ota, OgunOsun (state)37,783
231119Ota, OgunOsun (state)37,783
232015Osun (state)
232101Iwo, OsunOsun (state)250,443
232102Osun (state)
232103Osun (state)
232104Ede, OsunOsun (state)
232106Osun (state)
232107Osun (state)
232108Osun (state)
232109Osun (state)
232110Osun (state)
232111Osun (state)
232112Osun (state)
232113Osun (state)
232114Osun (state)
232115Osun (state)
232116EjigboOsun (state)138,357
232117EjigboOsun (state)138,357
232118EjigboOsun (state)138,357
232119EjigboOsun (state)138,357
233102Osun (state)
233103Osun (state)
233104Osun (state)
233105Osun (state)
233106Osun (state)
233107Osun (state)
233108Osun (state)
233109Osun (state)
233114Osun (state)
233115Osun (state)
233116Osun (state)
233117Osun (state)
233118Osun (state)
233119Osun (state)
233120Osun (state)
233121Osun (state)
233122Osun (state)
233211IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233212IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233213IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233214IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233215IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233221IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233222IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233223IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233224IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233225IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233226IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233227IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233231IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233232IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233233IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233234IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233235IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233236IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233241IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233242IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233243IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233251IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233252IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233253IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233261IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233262IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233263IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233271IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233272IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233281IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233282IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233283IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233285IlesaOsun (state)277,904
233311Ila OrangunOsun (state)179,192
233362Osun (state)
233371Osun (state)
234035OsogboOsun (state)156,694
362103Oke MesiOsun (state)79,563
362104Effon-AlaiyeOsun (state)279,319

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Osun (state) Demographic Information

Population4.3 million
Population Density469.2 / km²
Male Population2,202,790 (50.7%)
Female Population2,137,880 (49.3%)
Median Age20.7
Male Median Age20.1
Female Median Age21.3
Businesses in Osun (state)2,209
Population (1975)1,491,807
Population (2000)2,932,930
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +191%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +48%

Osun (state)

Osun is an inland state in south-western Nigeria. Its capital is Osogbo. It is bounded in the north by Kwara State, in the east partly by Ekiti State and partly by Ondo State, in the south by Ogun State and in the west by Oyo State. The state's curre..  ︎  Osun (state) Wikipedia Page