150 Postal Codes in Oyo State

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TimezoneWest Africa Time
Area28,454 km²
Population7.3 million (More Details)
Male Population3,667,996 (50.2%)
Female Population3,636,077 (49.8%)
Median Age20.8
Postal Codes200001, 200101, 200102 (147 more)
Area Codes2, 38

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
200101 - 200108Lalupon8
200211 - 200285Ibadan37
202101 - 202103Iseyin3
202107 - 202109Okeho3
210211 - 210271Ogbomosho14
211172 - 211273Oyo25

150 Postal Codes in Oyo State

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
200001IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200101LaluponOyo State81,130
200102LaluponOyo State81,130
200103LaluponOyo State81,130
200104LaluponOyo State81,130
200105LaluponOyo State81,130
200106LaluponOyo State81,130
200107LaluponOyo State81,130
200108LaluponOyo State81,130
200109Oyo State
200110Oyo State
200111Oyo State
200112Oyo State
200113Oyo State
200114Oyo State
200129Oyo State
200130Oyo State
200131Oyo State
200132Oyo State
200133Oyo State
200134Oyo State
200135Oyo State
200136Oyo State
200137Oyo State
200138Oyo State
200139Oyo State
200140Oyo State
200211IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200212IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200213IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200214IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200221IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200222IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200223IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200224IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200225IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200232IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200233IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200234IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200235IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200241IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200242IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200243IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200244IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200251IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200252IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200253IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200254IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200255IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200256IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200257IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200258IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200261IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200262IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200263IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200271IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200272IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200273IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200281IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200282IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200283IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200284IbadanOyo State3,565,108
200285IbadanOyo State3,565,108
201007Oyo State
201101Oyo State
201102Oyo State
201103Igbo-OraOyo State92,719
201105Oyo State
201106Oyo State
202101IseyinOyo State
202102IseyinOyo State
202103IseyinOyo State
202104Oyo State
202105Oyo State
202106Oyo State
202107OkehoOyo State12,964
202108OkehoOyo State12,964
202109OkehoOyo State12,964
202110Oyo State
202111Oyo State
202112Oyo State
202113Oyo State
202114Oyo State
202115Oyo State
202116Oyo State
203101Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
203102Oyo State
203103Oyo State
203104Oyo State
203105Oyo State
203106Oyo State
203107Oyo State
203108Oyo State
203109Oyo State
210101Oyo State
210102Oyo State
210103Oyo State
210104Oyo State
210105Oyo State
210115Oyo State
210211OgbomoshoOyo State
210212OgbomoshoOyo State
210213OgbomoshoOyo State
210214OgbomoshoOyo State
210221OgbomoshoOyo State
210231OgbomoshoOyo State
210232OgbomoshoOyo State
210241OgbomoshoOyo State
210242OgbomoshoOyo State
210251OgbomoshoOyo State
210252OgbomoshoOyo State
210261OgbomoshoOyo State
210262OgbomoshoOyo State
210271OgbomoshoOyo State
211101Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211102Oyo State
211103Oyo State
211104FiditiOyo State71,461
211105Oyo State
211106Oyo State
211107Oyo State
211108Oyo State
211172Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211211Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211212Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211213Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211214Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211215Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211221Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211222Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211223Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211224Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211225Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211231Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211232Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211233Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211241Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211242Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211251Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211252Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211253Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211261Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211262Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211271Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
211273Oyo, Oyo StateOyo State736,072
212101KisiOyo State155,510
212102IgbetiOyo State24,690
212103Oyo State
212104Oyo State
240272Oyo State

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Oyo State Demographic Information

Population7.3 million
Population Density256.7 / km²
Male Population3,667,996 (50.2%)
Female Population3,636,077 (49.8%)
Median Age20.8
Male Median Age20.3
Female Median Age21.4
Businesses in Oyo State4,805
Population (1975)2,366,980
Population (2000)4,829,599
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +208.6%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +51.2%

Oyo State

Ọyọ, usually referred to as Oyo State to distinguish it from the city of Oyo, is an inland state in south-western Nigeria, with its capital at Ibadan. It is bounded in the north by Kwara State, in the east by Osun State, in the south by Ogun State an..  ︎  Oyo State Wikipedia Page