107 Postal Codes in Plateau (state)

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TimezoneWest Africa Time
Area30,913 km²
Population4.0 million (More Details)
Male Population2,008,894 (49.9%)
Female Population2,017,745 (50.1%)
Median Age17.8
Postal Codes930001, 930007, 930101 (104 more)
Area Codes70, 73

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
930211 - 930281Jos17
931102 - 931105, 931211 - 931241Barkin Ladi8
932109 - 932116Bokkos8
933101 - 933106Pankshin6
942105 - 942108Wase4

107 Postal Codes in Plateau (state)

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
930001JosPlateau (state)816,824
930007JosPlateau (state)816,824
930101Plateau (state)
930102Plateau (state)
930103Plateau (state)
930104Plateau (state)
930105JosPlateau (state)816,824
930106Plateau (state)
930107Plateau (state)
930108Plateau (state)
930109Plateau (state)
930111Plateau (state)
930112Plateau (state)
930113Plateau (state)
930114Plateau (state)
930115Plateau (state)
930116Plateau (state)
930117Plateau (state)
930118Plateau (state)
930119Plateau (state)
930211JosPlateau (state)816,824
930212JosPlateau (state)816,824
930213JosPlateau (state)816,824
930214JosPlateau (state)816,824
930221JosPlateau (state)816,824
930222JosPlateau (state)816,824
930241JosPlateau (state)816,824
930242JosPlateau (state)816,824
930251JosPlateau (state)816,824
930252JosPlateau (state)816,824
930253JosPlateau (state)816,824
930262JosPlateau (state)816,824
930272JosPlateau (state)816,824
930281JosPlateau (state)816,824
931102Barkin LadiPlateau (state)
931103Barkin LadiPlateau (state)
931104Barkin LadiPlateau (state)
931105Barkin LadiPlateau (state)
931107Plateau (state)
931108Plateau (state)
931211Barkin LadiPlateau (state)
931221Barkin LadiPlateau (state)
931231Barkin LadiPlateau (state)
931241Barkin LadiPlateau (state)
932101Plateau (state)
932102Plateau (state)
932103Plateau (state)
932104PanyamPlateau (state)10,715
932105Plateau (state)
932106Plateau (state)
932107Plateau (state)
932108Plateau (state)
932109BokkosPlateau (state)12,538
932110BokkosPlateau (state)12,538
932111BokkosPlateau (state)12,538
932112BokkosPlateau (state)12,538
932113BokkosPlateau (state)12,538
932114BokkosPlateau (state)12,538
932115BokkosPlateau (state)12,538
932116BokkosPlateau (state)12,538
933101PankshinPlateau (state)31,516
933102PankshinPlateau (state)31,516
933103PankshinPlateau (state)31,516
933104PankshinPlateau (state)31,516
933105PankshinPlateau (state)31,516
933106PankshinPlateau (state)31,516
933107Plateau (state)
933108Plateau (state)
933109Plateau (state)
933110AmperPlateau (state)12,212
933111Plateau (state)
933112Plateau (state)
940101Plateau (state)
940103Plateau (state)
940104Plateau (state)
940105Plateau (state)
940106Plateau (state)
940107Plateau (state)
940108Plateau (state)
940109Plateau (state)
940110Plateau (state)
940111Plateau (state)
940112Plateau (state)
940113Plateau (state)
940114Plateau (state)
940115Plateau (state)
940116Plateau (state)
941101Plateau (state)
941102Plateau (state)
941103Plateau (state)
941104Plateau (state)
941105Plateau (state)
941106Plateau (state)
941107Plateau (state)
941108Plateau (state)
941109Plateau (state)
941110Plateau (state)
941111Plateau (state)
941112Plateau (state)
942101Plateau (state)
942102Plateau (state)
942103Plateau (state)
942104Plateau (state)
942105Wase, NigeriaPlateau (state)
942106Wase, NigeriaPlateau (state)
942107Wase, NigeriaPlateau (state)
942108Wase, NigeriaPlateau (state)

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Plateau (state) Demographic Information

Population4.0 million
Population Density130.3 / km²
Male Population2,008,894 (49.9%)
Female Population2,017,745 (50.1%)
Median Age17.8
Male Median Age17.6
Female Median Age18
Businesses in Plateau (state)1,369
Population (1975)1,532,878
Population (2000)2,823,785
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +162.7%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +42.6%

Plateau (state)

Plateau is the twelfth largest state of Nigeria, and is located approximately in the center of the country. It is geographically unique in Nigeria because its boundaries surround the Jos Plateau, having the entire plateau in its central and northern ..  ︎  Plateau (state) Wikipedia Page