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The average area for zip codes in Norway is 102.7 km² with the largest being 9520 in Kautokeino, Finnmark Fylke at 8,584.6 km² and the smallest being 3004 in Drammen, Buskerud fylke at 1,800 m². In Norway the average population for a postal code is 1,580 with the most populated being zip code 0668 in Oslo, Oslo County at 14,475. The postal code with the youngest population is 4335 in Dirdal, Rogaland Fylke with a median age of 32.8. The fastest growing postal code is 4335 in Dirdal, Rogaland Fylke with population growth of 1,703.6% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 21.3% per year.

TimezoneCentral European Time
Population5.0 million
Postal Codes9991, 9990, 9982 (4,802 more)
Area Codes2, 3, 31 (33 more)
Businesses in Norway495,265

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
0001 - 1483Oslo666
1300 - 1556, 1900 - 2170Akershus277
1501 - 1950Østfold227
2201 - 2616Hedmark159
2601 - 2985Oppland178
3001 - 3058, 3300 - 3648Buskerud196
3060 - 3297Vestfold199
3650 - 3999Telemark188
4001 - 4600, 5501 - 5595Rogaland304
4400 - 4720Vest-Agder153
4724 - 4994Aust-Agder118
5003 - 5994Hordaland489
6001 - 6699Møre og Romsdal298
6700 - 6996Sogn og Fjordane194
7003 - 7596Sør-Trøndelag320
7500 - 7533, 7600 - 7994Nord-Trøndelag147
8001 - 8985Nordland380
9006 - 9498Troms231
9501 - 9991Finnmark119

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4,805 Postal Codes in Norway

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
9990BåtsfjordFinnmark1,6481,433.9 km²
9982Finnmark3.171 km²
9980BerlevågFinnmark9031,116.7 km²
9960KibergFinnmark299435.7 km²
9951Vardø (town)Finnmark
9950Vardø (town)Finnmark1,333163 km²
9935BugøynesFinnmark6497.1 km²
9930Neiden, NorwayFinnmark721,369.2 km²
9925Finnmark2231,134.8 km²
9912Finnmark614163 km²
9910BjørnevatnFinnmark8,252248.5 km²
9900KirkenesFinnmark878966.5 km²
9846Tana BruFinnmark
9845Finnmark2,9122,870.2 km²
9840VarangerbotnFinnmark8831,432 km²
9826Finnmark31,474.1 km²
9815Vadsø (town)Finnmark
9811Vadsø (town)Finnmark
9810Vestre JakobselvFinnmark
9802Vestre JakobselvFinnmark393542.2 km²
9800Vadsø (town)Finnmark5,717719.5 km²
9790KjøllefjordFinnmark1,176326.6 km²
9782Finnmark52 km²
9775Finnmark42.4 km²
9773NerveiFinnmark22550.1 km²
9771Finnmark9437.9 km²
9770MehamnFinnmark839261.2 km²
9768Finnmark772259.6 km²
9765Finnmark81.1 km²
9764Finnmark42.2 km²
9763SkarsvågFinnmark54.6 km²
9760NordvågenFinnmark2,266259.1 km²
9750HonningsvågFinnmark226.3 km²
9742Finnmark251,496.4 km²
9740Finnmark431,094.2 km²
9735Karasjok (village)Finnmark
9730Karasjok (village)Finnmark2,9645,453.5 km²
9722Finnmark215.4 km²
9717Finnmark612.6 km²
9716BørselvFinnmark1,327 km²
9715Finnmark19195.5 km²
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