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Postal Code 10500, Pakistan - Map and Information

Primary CityDhangri
Local TimeMonday 2:08 PM
TimezonePakistan Standard Time
Coordinates33.2472° / 73.7833°
Related Postal Codes105011052010521105301053110540

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
4/10/184:47 AM3.639.8 km32,940 m14km SSE of Kahuta,
12/17/169:25 AM4.589.1 km36,070 m8km NNE of Bagh,
7/24/152:30 PM4.645.4 km39,110 m5km N of Gujar Khan,
4/19/141:12 PM460.3 km45,530 m25km NNW of Mandi Bahauddin,
3/26/1412:52 PM429.2 km5,320 m2km SSW of Nazir Town,
12/4/132:58 AM4.215.3 km29,390 m4km SW of New Mirpur,
4/4/1310:39 AM4.578.9 km13,700
2/3/084:49 AM3.480.9 km64,900
10/19/071:45 PM3.830 km35,000
8/28/079:27 PM439.3 km53,000

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Primary City

Dhangri is a small village situated near Chakswari in the Mirpur District of Azad Kashmir. The closest airport is ISB - Islamabad Chaklala, located 87.7 km north of Dhangri. It is just further from the village of Brutiyan and about 15–20 minutes away..    Dhangri Wikipedia Page