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Postal Code 10544, Pakistan - Map and Information

Area Codes23824329840More
Local TimeTuesday 2:32 PM
TimezonePakistan Standard Time
Coordinates33.8081° / 72.6797°
Related Postal Codes105201052110530105401054110545

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/30/1811:37 AM3.81.6 km38,090 m19km SE of Hazro, Pakistanusgs.gov
8/27/175:24 AM4.639.4 km32,110 m7km WSW of Rawalpindi, Pakistanusgs.gov
3/20/1710:56 PM4.328.8 km40,980 m32km SE of Sanjwal, Pakistanusgs.gov
11/24/166:16 AM4.565 km37,810 m33km NNW of Chakwal, Pakistanusgs.gov
8/1/166:24 PM4.214.6 km55,870 m16km SSE of Topi, Pakistanusgs.gov
7/24/151:59 PM5.147.8 km17,030 m19km WSW of Murree, Pakistanusgs.gov
8/1/145:28 PM4.126.4 km35,000 m6km W of Hazro, Pakistanusgs.gov
5/27/122:29 AM4.613.9 km48,400 mPakistanusgs.gov
5/21/127:55 PM4.212.6 km16,400 mPakistanusgs.gov
10/10/102:44 PM5.220.3 km33,200 mPakistanusgs.gov

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