88 Postal Codes in Azad Kashmir

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TimezonePakistan Time
Area1,397 km²
Population3.1 million (More Details)
Male Population1,627,497 (51.7%)
Female Population1,517,841 (48.3%)
Median Age21.1
Postal Codes10031, 10040, 10070 (85 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
13101 - 13151Kumar Bandi3
47120 - 47125Batnara3

88 Postal Codes in Azad Kashmir

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
10031Azad Kashmir
10040BhimberAzad Kashmir342,900
10070Azad Kashmir
10081Azad Kashmir
10250Azad Kashmir
10360MuftianAzad Kashmir
10500DhangriAzad Kashmir
10501Azad Kashmir
10530Mohra MalkanAzad Kashmir
10550Azad Kashmir
10551Azad Kashmir
11010Azad Kashmir
11030Azad Kashmir
11031Azad Kashmir
11032Azad Kashmir
11100KotliAzad Kashmir640,000
11101PanjeraAzad Kashmir
11110Azad Kashmir
11111Azad Kashmir
11120PanjeraAzad Kashmir
11150Azad Kashmir
11160Azad Kashmir
11161Azad Kashmir
11170Azad Kashmir
11171Azad Kashmir
11190Azad Kashmir
11200Azad Kashmir
11210Azad Kashmir
11220KotliAzad Kashmir640,000
11260Azad Kashmir
12010PallandriAzad Kashmir
12011PallandriAzad Kashmir
12080Azad Kashmir
12170Azad Kashmir
12171Azad Kashmir
12174Azad Kashmir
12180Azad Kashmir
12200Azad Kashmir
12201Azad Kashmir
12250Azad Kashmir
12251Azad Kashmir
12301Azad Kashmir
12350KākraAzad Kashmir
12460Azad Kashmir
12500Azad Kashmir
12501Azad Kashmir
12502Azad Kashmir
12503Azad Kashmir
12510BirpaniAzad Kashmir
13100MuzaffarabadAzad Kashmir725,000
13101Kumar BandiAzad Kashmir
13150Kumar BandiAzad Kashmir
13151Kumar BandiAzad Kashmir
13161Azad Kashmir
13180Azad Kashmir
13181Azad Kashmir
13190Azad Kashmir
13191Azad Kashmir
13230Azad Kashmir
13231Azad Kashmir
16800Azad Kashmir
16801Azad Kashmir
17501Azad Kashmir
19251Azad Kashmir
21090Azad Kashmir
21400Azad Kashmir
21401Azad Kashmir
22320Azad Kashmir
22330Azad Kashmir
22331Azad Kashmir
22350Azad Kashmir
22351Azad Kashmir
22361Azad Kashmir
22371Azad Kashmir
22501AthmuqamAzad Kashmir
24620Azad Kashmir
41051Azad Kashmir
43360Azad Kashmir
43361Azad Kashmir
47120BatnaraAzad Kashmir
47124BatnaraAzad Kashmir
47125BatnaraAzad Kashmir
47241Azad Kashmir
47271KākraAzad Kashmir
47384Azad Kashmir
50110Azad Kashmir
50990Azad Kashmir
51261Azad Kashmir

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Azad Kashmir Demographic Information

Population3.1 million
Population Density2,251 / km²
Male Population1,627,497 (51.7%)
Female Population1,517,841 (48.3%)
Median Age21.1
Male Median Age21.1
Female Median Age21
Businesses in Azad Kashmir589
Population (1975)1,501,330
Population (2000)2,577,058
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +109.5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +22.1%

Azad Kashmir

Azad Jammu and Kashmir (Urdu: آزاد جموں و کشمیر‎ Azad Jammu o Kashmir), abbreviated as AJK and commonly known as Azad Kashmir, AJK translated into English means The Free State Jammu and Kashmir, is a self-governing administrative division of Pakistan..  ︎  Azad Kashmir Wikipedia Page