50 Postal Codes in Sialkot

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TimezonePakistan Time
Area19 km²
Population76,379 (More Details)
Male Population39,712 (52%)
Female Population36,667 (48%)
Median Age21.9
Postal Codes51010, 51020, 51030 (47 more)
Area Codes52, 524

50 Postal Codes in Sialkot, West Punjab

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
51010SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51020SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51030SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51031SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51040SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51051SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51070SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51071SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51080SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51081SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51090SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51091SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51100SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51101SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51120SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51121SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51130SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51140SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51141SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51210SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51220SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51230SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51240SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51250SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51260SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51270SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51280SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51281SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51300SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51310SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51311SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51330KotWest Punjab
51340SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51350SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51360SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51400SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51410SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51411SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51430SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51431SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51450SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51451SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51460SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51461SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51481SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51490SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51500SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51530SialkotWest Punjab477,396
51531SialkotWest Punjab477,396
52221SialkotWest Punjab477,396

Sialkot, West Punjab Demographic Information

Population Density4,019 / km²
Male Population39,712 (52%)
Female Population36,667 (48%)
Median Age21.9
Male Median Age22.2
Female Median Age21.5
Businesses in Sialkot, West Punjab4,393
Population (1975)17,885
Population (2000)41,032
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +327.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +86.1%


Sialkot (Punjabi, Urdu: سيالكوٹ‎) is a city in, and the administrative headquarters for, Sialkot District, located in the northeast of the Punjab, Pakistan. Sialkot is Pakistan's twelfth most populous city. The city area of Sialkot is 19 square kilom..  ︎  Sialkot Wikipedia Page